Timpano Bowl - Large

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Timpano. What is it? It is the grand pasta drum filled with goodies, made famous by the movie Big Night, (written by Stanley Tucci and Joseph Tropiano - Directed by Stanley Tucci and Campbell Scott)

It is a great movie - especially for those who love Italian cooking and... Italians! If you haven't seen it, you should... and if you haven't made itTimpano... you DEFINITELY SHOULD!

While this may be considered a labor-intensive dish, if treated right, it becomes a wonderful event for your family and friends! Share the preparation experience with your guests - have one prepare the sauce, another can bring the cheese or salami, you supply the meatballs... and ... have a fun time creating the Timpano together (as Natalia and I did for our family in the video above). We also have pictures on our FGpizza facebook page where we made 16 large Timpano for St. Francis Solano School in Sonoma, CA.

The bowl diameter is 14" and stands 4 5/8" tall. The reason this type of bowl is used? It is because the shape is perfect and the enamel coating cooks the pasta crust perfectly. Our Timpano bowls are created by baking porcelain-enamel onto the surface of a high quality steel bowl. It meets both FDA as well as California Food Safety regulations. This is a great item. White Bowl with Red edged trim now available!

Each Timpano bowl comes with the recipe for "Timpano alla Big Night" and cleaning instructions. Color design of bowl may vary.

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