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Medium-Ravioli-Roling-Pin.png Ravioli Rolling Pin - Medium SKU: #3049



When quality matters, but the Christmas Ravioli Rolling Pin is too big for your kitchen - this is the tool for you!

It's 25" long, with 9 ravioli pockets in each row and 6 rows. That is 54, 1.5-inch sized ravioli pockets for the entire pin.

One of the best features of this solid pin is the space it leaves between each ravioli pocket. The space created assists with a tightly-sealed pasta pocket with enough room between to cut the ravioli with your zig-zag cutter.

Hand-made in America from solid American hard wood. We are very proud of the quality and its superior craftsmanship. To see the quality close up please click HERE

You will be so proud of the ravioli it produces!

Frankie G family recipe included! Hand-wash only. Air dry completely before storing in a cool dry place.

ravioli-zig-zag-cutter-pastry-wheel-zigzag-cutter.png Pasta Cutting and Pastry Wheel SKU: #3054



A great classic pasta tool. Traditionally this is used to cut pasta or dough for filled pastries and latticework pie tops and creates the traditional ZigZag design to the edges of Ravioli.

Also known as a "jagger" to English bakers, it can also be used to cut cracker dough into squares with a pretty fluted edge.

To see the cutter in action, check out our Christmas Ravioli Video

Made in Italy

Round-Ravioli-Stamp-pasta-cutter-caputo-round.png Round Ravioli Pasta Stamp - 2.3" SKU: #3057



This is a very versatile pasta cutter. It cuts perfectly round shapes of pasta for hand-designed corzetti, sugar cookie dough, and of course - ravioli.

Cut or stamp your home made pasta to make 2.3" meat or ricotta-filled ravioli, agnoletti or tortelloni.

Stands 4.5" tall with a circle cut of 2.3" diameter.

Made in Italy.

Heart-pasta-stamp-caputop-closeup.png Heart-Shaped Pasta Stamp - 3.5" SKU: #3059

$12.00 $9.30

ravioli-stamp-cutter-italian-pasta-tools-square.png Spring-loaded Ravioli Stamp - SQUARE SKU: #3062



Italian workmanship at its best! This is an elegant, productive and impressive tool. For a close up view of the tool's detail click HERE.

This square ravioli stamp is made in Italy with beautiful and sturdy maple handles and a retractable spring-loaded form. As one presses down on the filled pasta sheet, the form's spring-loaded pressure assures a firm pack and an easy release. Making ravioli approximately 1.75" in size.

In the video we are making cheese ravioli. We use Antimo Caputo Semola Flour and an Atlas Pasta Machine.

Made in Italy.

ravioli-1-stamp-cutter-italian-pasta-tools-round.png Spring-loaded Ravioli Stamp- ROUND SKU: #3063



This is our ROUND Italian pasta stamp. Making ravioli approximately 1.75" in size.

For a close up view of the tool's detail click HERE.

To see a video, check out our FGpizza Video page. In this video we are making cheese ravioli. We use Antimo Caputo Semola Flour and an Atlas Pasta Machine.

Made in Italy.

oval-pasta-strainer-colatutto-ovale Italian Oval Pasta Strainer - Colatutto Ovale SKU: #3087



The perfect tool for scooping and straining short-cut pasta, gnocchi, etc.

Want to prepare pasta like Italians do? Then use the tools they use to achieve the ultimate end result.

This colatutto is absolutely perfect for straining and retrieving short-cut pasta from its cooking water. It measures 16.5 inches long and has a straining bowl of 6.75 inches wide by 8.75 inches long. The straining bowl depth is approximately 3" deep and made of 18/10 stainless steel.

We use this strainer in our kitchen regularly.