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Tuscan-Mattarello-italian-long-pasta-rolling-pin Mattarello - Tuscan Style Pasta Rolling Pin SKU: #3102



We have been searching for this item and ultimately partnered with local craftsmen who makes these Mattarelli exclusively for FG Pizza & Italian. We've collaborated to produce a very high quality replication of the Tuscan pasta tool, and we are very proud. Production is limited to our craftsman's availability. If we are out of stock, please ask to be on our waiting list and we will get you one.

Turned from solid maple to a width of 1 7/8" wide in diameter, the mattarello allows the pastaiolo to "feel" the roll, with enough weight to help roll the pasta to a beautiful, almost translucent, 1/8-inch thick.

The length of each pin is 39 inches long, including a knobbed end for hanging, allowing for the traditional wide roll of pasta. Perfect for rolling out pasta to make into long cuts (fettuccine, tagliatelle, linguine, pappardelle, etc.) and ideal for the large wide roll to make cappellini, tortellini, etc.

Rolling pasta with this pin is not only a tradition, but an art. Egg pasta is made by hand then allowed to rest for 30 minutes to 24 hours (in the refrigerator). The rested pasta is then rolled to a 1/8" thickness by artfully flattening a single layer, and classically overlapping layers for a traditional and functional roll of all layers. The soft-pointed end of our mattarello allows freshly rolled sheets of pasta to easily slide off the pin during rolling, without "catching" and tearing on a "blocked" rough edge.

One should not wash the mattarello with water. It may be wiped with a damp cloth and thoroughly dried before putting away. We suggest hanging the mattarello by its knob to prevent warping. Store in a cool, clean, dry place. We will be adding a video shortly. Made in the USA

Cavarola-Board-Italian-Pasta-board-Walnut Handcrafted Cavarola Board - w/ mattarella SKU: #3101



This board is so beautiful, what a gorgeous work of art! It takes traditional pasta making to a luxurious level.

Click the image for more info.

inoxbonomi-italian-knives Italian Table Knives - 6 pack SKU: #4005


Quantity: Inoxbomi Table Knife - The perfect Italian table knife... with a secret!

The secret is, these knifes are the perfect knife for pasta making. That's right! My fresh cavatelli and especially my hand made orecchiette, skills reached a new level with these knives!

Made In Italy, and it is a must in every Italian household, and almost every restaurant in Italy! The knife has a 4.3 inch rounded serrated blade. Strong and flexible. Long-lasting, solid tempered stainless steel aisi 420.

Sharp & durable knives for smooth cuts. Authentic Inoxbonomi Cutlery. Perfect for Pizza, Steak, anything that requires a sharp knife, and; the greatest pasta shaping knife there is...

These knives are in my kitchen, and we teach all of our Pasta Classes with them. Honestly, you can't beat the price and I love them. (Frankie G)

italian-corzetti-stamp-pasta-artisnal-pasta-tools-caputo-ravioli-maple Handcrafted Corzetti Stamp - Solid MapleOUT OF STOCK SKU: #3079



We are so proud to offer these wonderful pieces of art. Hand-made especially for FG pizza & Italian. These corzetti stamps are beautifully handcrafted to FG pizza's specifications. Here we offer a corzetti stamp made of solid maple. (we also have them in Walnut Wood.)

Read more HERE

Here is a video we did on how to make corzetti pasta:

italian-corzetti-stamp-pasta-artisnal-pasta-tools-caputo-ravioli-walnut Handcrafted Corzetti Stamp - Solid Walnut SKU: #3081



We are so proud to offer these wonderful pieces of art. Hand-made especially for FG pizza & Italian. These corzetti stamps are beautifully handcrafted to FG pizza's specifications. Here we offer a corzetti stamp made of solid walnut wood. (we also have them in Maple Wood.)

What is a corzetti stamp? It is a wooden tool, in two pieces, that assist the pastaiolo to make beautiful imprinted Ligurian pasta discs.

Since each corzetti stamp is hand-made, no two are exactly identical. Each include their own imperfections, adding to the authenticity of the final product. Together, both pieces stacked on top of each other stand approximately 5.75 inches high.

The base piece is both a "cutter" on one side and a decorative 5-sprig wheat design stamp on the other side. The top piece has a beautifully decorative knob handle that fits comfortably in ones hand, with a flower design stamp on the bottom end. The bottom stamp is approximately 2.5 inches high. The top portion is approximately 3.25 inches high. (sizes may vary slightly since these are handmade). The diameter of both the top and bottom stamp are the same, measuring about 1 7/8 inches.

To see the hand-carved bottoms of the corzetti stamp close up, please click HERE

These stamps are in limited supply, and may not be available from time to time. If you want one, we advise that you order one right away.

Here is a video we did on how to make corzetti pasta:

Troccolaturo-wooded-Italian-tagliatelle-roller-cutter Tagliatelle Rolling Pin Cutter SKU: #3044



Make pasta in the traditional way, use a troccolaturo!

A troccolaturo is a small pasta rolling pin/cutter. It's the classic tool of the pastaio as well as one's "Nonna". The idea is to make fresh pasta, roll the pasta in 12-inch sheets, then roll the troccolaturo over the sheet. This cuts the pasta sheet into long pasta shapes like pappardelle, fettuccine, and tagliatelle.

We have several pasta shapes to choose from:





Made of beachwood, this pasta rolling pin/cutter is 12.75" long and fits your hands perfectly. FG pizza imports these pasta tools and they are made in Italy.

Gnocchi-caputo-streanese-rega-partana-tutto-calabria-gnocchi-garganelli.png Garganelli Board with Rolling Stick SKU: #3070



A really wonderful and simple old-school Italian pasta tool. What does it do? It helps you make a tube pasta with ridges on the outside (think penne rigati)

Our Garganelli boards are made in Italy & measure 6" x 3.5" x 0.5"

The pasta stick included with this package is split 3/4 of the way down, so you can squeeze it together and easily release the pasta tube.


Made in Italy.

Gnocchi-caputo-streanese-rega-partana-tutto-calabria-gnocchi-Board.png Pasta / Gnocchi Paddle SKU: #3052


Grooves or ridges in pasta shapes help the sauce adhere to the pasta. This handy little tool assists you in applying ridges to fresh gnocchi, cavatelli, penne rigati, etc.

Once you use this Italian-made gnocchi board, you won't want to make fresh pasta without it.

Ridges help give gnocchi its traditional shape. Size: 5" x 2 1/2" shaping surface.

You can see Natalia and I make Gnocchi in our video, located on the FG Video page.

Made in Italy.

ravioli-zig-zag-cutter-pastry-wheel-zigzag-cutter.png Pasta Cutting and Pastry Wheel SKU: #3054



A great classic pasta tool. Traditionally this is used to cut pasta or dough for filled pastries and latticework pie tops and creates the traditional ZigZag design to the edges of Ravioli.

Also known as a "jagger" to English bakers, it can also be used to cut cracker dough into squares with a pretty fluted edge.

To see the cutter in action, check out our Christmas Ravioli Video

Made in Italy.

timpano-tambalo-timpane-big-night-stanley-tucci-pasta-timpano Timpano Bowl - Large SKU: #3060



Timpano. What is it? It is the grand pasta drum filled with goodies, made famous by the movie Big Night, (written by Stanley Tucci and Joseph Tropiano - Directed by Stanley Tucci and Campbell Scott)

It is a great movie - especially for those who love Italian cooking and... Italians! If you haven't seen it, you should... and if you haven't made itTimpano... you DEFINITELY SHOULD!

Click the image for more info.

Atlas-pasta-machine-wellness-red-150-pasta-rolling-machine Atlas Marcato Red Pasta Machine SKU: #4300



What the WELLNESS stands for.

"It is the only pasta machine totally produced with materials which does not release any harmful metallic residue, for total wellness"

The Atlas 150 Color, from the Marcato Design line, is the home-made pasta machine with a young and trendy style, that combines use, functionality and design. We offer it here in a beautiful metalic RED.

It lets you prepare 3 pasta shapes: lasagne, fettuccine (6 mm) and tagliolini (1.5 mm). The machine can be used with 12 accessories, sold separately, to make new and different pasta shapes, all home-made.

Atlas 150 Color is equipped with a 10-position regulating knob which allows you to achieve different dough sheet thicknesses: from 4.8 mm in position num. 0, to 0.6 mm in position num. 9.

Atlas 150 Color comes with a clamp to secure the pasta machine to your work surface, and a useful handle with a coloured grip. To streamline and speed up your work, it is equipped with a bayonet fitting so that a Pasta drive motor can be quickly attached to it.

Need any pasta flour? We've got that!

AnkarsrumPastaRollerLasagna1210 Ankarsrum Pasta Roller Lasagna SKU: #5718


timpano-tambalo-timpane-big-night-stanley-tucci-pasta-timpano-picolo Timpano Bowl - Picolo SKU: #3061


Quantity: While the master recipe can feed up to 16 people, we carry this smaller Timpano pan, for those who want to make if for gruppo picolo (little group).

The bowl diameter is 10 1/2" and stands 3 1/8" tall. The reason this type of bowl is used is because the shape is perfect, and the enamel coating cooks the pasta crust perfectly. Our Timpano bowls are created by baking porcelain-enamel onto the surface of a high quality steel bowl. It meets both FDA as well as California Food Safety regulations. This is a great item! Each Timpano bowl comes with the recipe for "Timpano alla Big Night" and cleaning instructions.

Ravioli-Rolling-Pin-wooden-Italian Ravioli Rolling Pin - Small SKU: #3051



This is the classic wooden ravioli rolling pin just like the one my grandmother used to use and I still use today. It makes nice small squares of ravioli.

The process goes like this:

Roll out a sheet of dough, spread filling on the right half of the pasta, then fold the left half of the dough over the filling to sandwich the filling between the pasta.

To make ravioli, dust the filled-pasta sheet liberally and roll with rolling pin. THAT'S IT!

Rolling pockets will make ravioli cuts of 1.5" x 1", with 4 rows of 10 ravioli pockets per row. The barrel is 18" long and 2.5" in diameter plus the handles. Total length is 23.5". MADE IN ITALY