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Andiron-Log-holder-big.png Andiron Log Holder - Large SKU: #2090



Our andiron log holder is designed especially for wood burning ovens.

This log holder just might be the most helpful oven tool in your tool case. It helps with oven fire and assists you with the direction of flame inside the oven cavity.

Why is this important? Because fire direction can take you across the line of quality, between good pizza and GREAT pizza. For truly delicious and crispy pizza crust, flame should curl over the dome of the oven.

As logs tilt on the log holder, and/or the fire is built over it, this solid-steel unit allows better airflow under the fire for a more consistent flame.

Made of solid steel and weighs in around 10#. 19 3/4" long by 10 3/4" wide by 9" tall.

And the cool thing is that it's made in America.

ash-vac-outer-filter Cougar Ash Vac Replacement Outer Filter SKU: #5003



The Outer Filter: Made of a flame resistant fiberglass material. If any hot ash get sucked into the vacuum, the fiberglass filter will not start on fire.

This filter will typically last for many years depending on the use but it is a good idea to have a new filter on hand in case for replacement purposes. Many times people think their home is all dusty because their stoves are not leak proof but in actuality it is the way you clean your fireplace.

banjo-peel-pallino-pizza-turner-handle.png Replacement Handle for Banjo Peel SKU: #HDL2030


Quantity: We are proud to offer this replacement handle for our banjo peels. This fits all our banjo peels.

Included is the sliding bead handle, base handle and attaching bolt.

wood_fired_oven_ash_scraper.jpg Ash & Debris Oven Rake SKU: #2000


This ash rake is for retrieval of oven ash and debris in your wood-fired oven. This oven rake is and made of aluminum, with a sturdy handle that cools quickly.

Dimensions: Length 60.28", Dim 9.46 x 3.94"

Frankie G's notes: I personally use this tool with every firing of my oven. The best feature is its sturdy aluminum construction. After moving coals and raking an oven, it will cool down pretty quickly. This is the best tool for the money.

You can see this rake demonstrated in our first video about our wood oven: "Frankie G's Woodfired pizza oven" video, located on the FG Instructional Videos page.