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FGpizza-Oven-Glove.png Suede Oven Gloves - 18" long SKU: #4201


Quantity: 18" long Oven Gloves. These extra-long suede Oven gloves will keep your arms, hands and fingers protected when you're reaching in your wood-fired oven. (gloves are not fire-proof)

View a video on how these work on our Roasted Bell Pepper Woodfired Appetizer Video page.

Two gloves measuring 18" long are included. Soft and pliable for an easy grasp but long and thick enough to protect your forearm and hand from the heat.

Andiron-Log-holder-big.png Andiron Log Holder - Large SKU: #2090



Our andiron log holder is designed especially for wood burning ovens.

This log holder just might be the most helpful oven tool in your tool case. It helps with oven fire and assists you with the direction of flame inside the oven cavity.

Why is this important? Because fire direction can take you across the line of quality, between good pizza and GREAT pizza. For truly delicious and crispy pizza crust, flame should curl over the dome of the oven.

As logs tilt on the log holder, and/or the fire is built over it, this solid-steel unit allows better airflow under the fire for a more consistent flame.

Made of solid steel and weighs in around 10#. 19 3/4" long by 10 3/4" wide by 9" tall.

And the cool thing is that it's made in America.

Oven-Door-for-Alan-Scott-Ovens1.png FG Pizza's Draft Door for Alan Scott-Style Oven SKU: #2093



Why a draft door? Sometimes a fire needs a little push. This door feeds a constant air flow to the fire, feeding the flame so it burns more aggressively.

Our draft door has an opening in the bottom of the door to promote positive air flow into your oven chamber, to feed the fire or coals inside your oven. Once the air has heated, it travels along the dome of your oven, and out the front opening, where the door directs the hot exhaust up the flu. All this goes on while the opening to your oven is shielded from letting out too much heat.

It's perfect for quickly burning down coals on the hearth floor while containing the heat inside your oven's chamber. Made of solid steel, 19.5" wide by 12" tall. See the door in action on our FG Video page page.

Frankie's notes: I have been using this door and it saves me 30 minutes on heating time and gives me a hotter oven. Read our customer's review of how the door helped his firing.

popper.gif Pizza Bubble Popper and Pan Hook SKU: #2070


Quantity: Bubbles bubbles bubbles. Who doesn't like bubbles? We work so hard to get the dough just right; to have the yeast stay alive and JUMP once the dough hits the hot oven.

But when one bubble wants to grow big enough to take over the entire pizza... it needs to be tamed.

This is the perfect tool to pop those big bubbles that can form on your pizza while cooking. Check out our FG Video page to watch a video on how it works.

The secret is to "POP" and "drag"...

This simple little tool can be used as a "hook" to retrieve baking pans and trays, as well. It's really useful.

Made in AMERICA of Stainless Steel - about 30 inches long.

ash-vac-outer-filter Cougar Ash Vac Replacement Outer Filter SKU: #5003



The Outer Filter: Made of a flame resistant fiberglass material. If any hot ash get sucked into the vacuum, the fiberglass filter will not start on fire.

This filter will typically last for many years depending on the use but it is a good idea to have a new filter on hand in case for replacement purposes. Many times people think their home is all dusty because their stoves are not leak proof but in actuality it is the way you clean your fireplace.

banjo-peel-pallino-pizza-turner-handle.png Replacement Handle for Banjo Peel SKU: #HDL2030


Quantity: We are proud to offer this replacement handle for our banjo peels. This fits all our banjo peels.

Included is the sliding bead handle, base handle and attaching bolt.