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regina-napoletana-pizza-placing-peel Italian Pizza Placing Peel 47 inch Handle - OUT OF STOCK SKU: #2085



New to FGpizza and new to the home pizza makers. Here is a high-quality placing peel made by Italians, in Italy, for an affordable price.

Weighing in about 1 pound, the peel head measures 32cm across (almost 13") the white anodized aluminum alloy head is perforated to allow easy pick up and let excess flour fall off the pizza when placing it in the oven . The handle is 47" long, and a red anodized aluminum handle which cools down quickly. Approximate overall length is about 60 inches.

The peel head detaches from the handle for better storage and affordable shipping. (finally, no more shipping long handles and paying way too much on shipping).

Made in Italy

regina-turning-peel-italian-pallino Italian Turning Peel - 70" length with 8"head OUT OF STOCK SKU: #2034


My NEW favorite tool. I absolutely could not get by without it. It's the perfect pizza "turner" for woodfired ovens ... or any oven for that matter.

This small-headed peel is used to spin and remove pizzas or pans from the oven, or adjust and place logs on the fire. Stainless-steel head, and stainless-steel rod. The peel has a smooth-sliding and heat-resistant plastic handle to keep your hands cool and to improve accuracy of movement, and allows ease of operation without having to wrap a towel on the rod. The round, stainless-steel head has holes for quick cooling and to help knock off flour from the bottom of your pies. great design.

Dimensions: Round Perforated Head: 8", Total Length 70", weight is approx 2 lbs.

Made in Italy

Italian-pizza-peel Perforated Banjo Peel 47 inch OUT OF STOCK SKU: #2035



Italian woodfired oven pizza peel.

Dimensions: Round perforated Head: 8", Handle Length 47", Weight 1.5 lbs. Replacement handles are available HERE.

Imported from Italy

Napoletana-peel-13-preforated-aluminum-peel-13-inch Napoletana-Style Peel 23 inch handle SKU: #2080



Made in Italy, these peels are of the highest quality and are the lightest pizza peels in the world!

In Naples, they make the pizza on a marble counter top and then "drag" the pie from the counter to the peel.

This peel is perforated, which allows most of the flour to fall from the bottom of the pizza, as it is scooped onto the peel, and before it enters the oven. Thus promoting a cleaner oven.

Weighing in less than 1 pound, the peel head measures approximately 13" across and a white anodized aluminum alloy head. The handle is 23" long, and a light-blue anodized aluminum handle which cools down quickly. Overall length is approximately 38 inches, from tip to tip.

You can see this peel demonstrated in our "Peels 101" video, located on our FG Instructional Videos page. OR you may click HEREfor a 51 second video. It's really a must see.

Aluminum-pizza-peel-1.png Economical Aluminum Peel SKU: #2033


Quantity: You can't beat this item for the quality or the price! And shipping is included! It's just a good peel. Small enough for your kitchen, and sturdy enough for your wood oven.

We use this to retrieve pizza, bread, and the occasional "hot" pan from the oven.

Our aluminum pizza peel blade is made of 14 gauge 1.6mm hard aluminum. The blade is riveted with three aluminum ferrules that permanently attach the hardwood handle.

You can see this peel demonstrated in our "Peels 101" video, located on our FG Instructional Videos page.

banjo-peel-pallino-pizza-turner-handle.png Replacement Handle for Banjo Peel SKU: #HDL2030


Quantity: We are proud to offer this replacement handle for our banjo peels. This fits all our banjo peels.

Included is the sliding bead handle, base handle and attaching bolt.

Banjo-peel-pallino-woodfired-oven Perforated Banjo Peel 59 inch handle SKU: #2030


Quantity: Italian pizza oven tool