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Pizza-oven-brush-brass-bristles-wood-burning-ovens-1-bagel-brush.png Oven Brush 27.5" Natural Bristles- 51" long SKU: #2058


Quantity: Another Old-School Tool. Sweep the hearth of your wood oven in one "Swoosh!" The purpose of this brush is to QUICKLY brush the hearth and give the baker/pizzaiolo a clean surface for their next batch of goodies. If one needs to "scrub" the hearth of burnt cheese, sauce, etc., this is not the tool. You'll want our Brass Brush.

With a 51-inch handle and 27.5 inches of natural bristle to accommodate, you can quickly dust your hearth deck clean of corn meal, semolina, fallen toppings... anything to make the deck debris-free for the next pizza, bagels or bread.

Not advised for sweeping coals, or hot cinders... but the perfect tool for the baker and pizzaiola who wants to keep their cooking/baking surface clean for the next batch.

The 51" wooden handle is very sturdy and constructed from one solid piece of wood. Approximately half-way down the handle starts the 27.5-inch natural tampico brush head.

Made in the USA.

Woodfired-oven-ash-shovel-peel Woodfired Oven Ash & Debris Shovel SKU: #2050


Quantity: This shovel is a match for the ash-rake (item #2000). It allows you to remove ash and debris from the cavity of your oven without raking that mess over the front deck of your oven.

Lightweight (approx2.5#), heavy-duty constructed galvanized shovel with 48" aluminum handle.

Shovel head dimensions are:
6" wide at the BACK base near the handle
8.5" wide at the scooping end
The head length is 8.3/4" long from handle to tip
1.5" high in the back... tapered down to 0"

Made in the USA

Woodfired-oven-Tools-oven-brush-rake-shovel FG Pizza's - Al' Forno Package #1 w/ 48" brush SKU: #2120


This is the one! Since we have been offering these truly fine, Italian and American crafted oven tools, they are the ones that fly off the shelf. So why not offer them as a package?

Includes a high-quality, American-made brass oven brush with 24percent more bristles! Firm but delicate to your oven's hearth.

Package includes one ash rake (60-inches long), one shovel (47-inches long), and one American-made brush with brass bristles (48-inches long).

You can buy them all separately, however we offer a savings if you buy all three. Check out our FG Video page to watch these tools in action.

Our brush is made in America. The shovel and rake are made in Italy.

Frankie G's Suggestion:

If you would like to learn or get ideas about cooking & baking in a woodfired oven, please allow me to suggest this book by Richard Miscovich? It's one of the best books for a woodfired oven that we have read. We can't recommend it high enough...

This book will fit in the same box as any of these Al' Forno Packages... Save money by shipping them together!

alforno-Uno-long1 FG Pizza's - Al' Forno Package #1 w/ 60"Brush SKU: #2124


Quantity: This Al' Forno Package has an American-made oven brush with a 60-inch handle, and includes the same rake and shovel offered above.

Package includes one ash rake (60-inches long), one shovel (47-inches long), and one American-made brush with brass bristles (60-inches long).

Pizza-oven-brush-brass-bristols-wood-burning-ovens-replacement.png Brush Replacement Head Items #2055 or #2056 SKU: #2118


Just in case you need a replacement head for your FGpizza oven brush... here you go.

This is the replacement head for item #2055 & #2056

It's the same brush that is offered in the FG's Al'Forno Package #1, and it's exclusive to FGpizza.

Made in America

ash-vac-outer-filter Cougar Ash Vac Replacement Outer Filter SKU: #5003



The Outer Filter: Made of a flame resistant fiberglass material. If any hot ash get sucked into the vacuum, the fiberglass filter will not start on fire.

This filter will typically last for many years depending on the use but it is a good idea to have a new filter on hand in case for replacement purposes. Many times people think their home is all dusty because their stoves are not leak proof but in actuality it is the way you clean your fireplace.