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Danish-Dough-Whisk-Batter-Whisk-Large.png Danish Dough Whisk Large SKU: #3000


This Danish Dough Whisk is amazing. Mix your spoungy dough and batter thoroughly with easy clean up. Great for all doughs... Biga, Sponges, Starters, Waffles, Pancakes, Cookies etc.

Danish Dough Whisk Dimensions: 14.5" total. 10.5" long natural wood handle, 4" long x 3.5" stainless wide wire, 3 mm (1/4"). Natural beach wood Handle.

Definitely my most used tool in the kitchen. Watch the video below to see why.

Mixing dough, sponges, and batters with the danish dough whisk is more efficient than using a spoon. This whisk incorporates your dough efficiently without the dough clinging to the tool.

Purchase both sizes as a set on our Gift Page. There is a savings when one purchases both.

Professional-pizza-cutter.png Pizza Cutter Professional SKU: #4012



"Cuts like a hot knife through butter!"

When one uses the right tool for the right job, it makes life a whole lot easier. Well this is the right tool.

This professional pizza cutter is truly high quality. The size is substantial and it makes pizza night fun because clean up is easy.

Those cheap wooden-handle pizza cutters just don't cut it (sorry for the "pun"). They don't last and they're made cheap for "home use". These professional cutters are sturdy and offer a smooth roll as you slice your pie. Furthermore, after a big pizza night... it's nice that these can be thrown right into the dishwasher.

These cutters have a 4" rolling blade and should be the last one that you buy, since the blades can be sharpened and the cutting wheels are replaceable, if needed.

4" Stainless Steel blade, great "thumb-guard" design. If you would like to see it in action, check it out in the Pizza Cutters 101 video located on our FG Instructional Videos page.

Made in America

Cutter.gif Pizza Cutter 4inch Blade SKU: #4000


Quantity: Don't let the price fool you. These cutters are light-weight and roll through your pie with ease.

Dishwasher safe. Detachable 100mm (3.9") blade.

Imported from Italy

Sauce-Ladle-spoodle.png Spoodle Italian Sauce Ladle SKU: #4090


Quantity: What the heck is a Spoodle?

A Spoodle is a cross between a spoon and a ladle and itís the perfect tool for saucing your pizzas.

This handy tool allows you to scoop up the right amount of sauce, (5 oz) and has a flat bottom to help spread the sauce across the skin.

Stainless Steel construction. To see the spoodle close up, please click HERE

Made in Italy

Danish-Dough-Whisk-Batter-Whisk-Small.png Danish Dough Whisk Small SKU: #3001


Quantity: This is the same great tool as above, just a smaller size. It is GREAT for small batches or those with small hands.

Dimensions: 11.5" total, 8.5" long natural wood handle, 3" long x 3" stainless wide wire, 3 mm (1/4"). Natural wood Handle.

Above is a video of Natalia and I making stiff cookie dough with the whisk. The smaller whisk fits her hand perfectly.

artisan-solid-wood-bakers-rolling-pin.png Artisan Rolling Pin - 19" SKU: #3050


Quantity: The perfect artisan baking tool. Simplicity at its best and easy on the hands.

Using a rolling pin without handles keeps one's hands more involved and closer to the dough. This allows better control on thickness and less probability to "skip" and/or "fold-over" dough, ruining the smooth surface one strives to achieve.

This beech-wood rolling pin is smoothly sanded hardwood and is the ultimate tool for baking and pasta making.

Also works great for those who like to roll their pizza and bread doughs. Since these doughs have more gluten, they can be more elastic than pastry. The thickness of our artisan rolling pin helps you flatten or shape your dough to the thickness you desire.

Measures 19 inches long by 1.75 inches in diameter.

pizza-dough-docker-cracker-docker-dough-docker.png Dough Docker SKU: #4120


Quantity: If one travels into their local pizza shops, they may hear the sound of dough dockers coming from the kitchen. 75% of modern day pizzerias dock their dough before preparing. It's great for that cracker-like crust, and tames excessive bubbles.

This professional dough docker allows the pizzaiolo to roll the tool over the prepared dough, and add just enough puncture holes so the pizza will not have those large unwanted bubbles that cause toppings to slide to one side of the pie.

It's easy to use. Just prepare a pizza "skin" and with mild pressure roll the docker over the dough. One pass only! You do not need to roll over a spot that has been docked already.

10-oz-stainless-steel-shaker-with-handle.jpg Stainless Steel Flour Shaker SKU: #4170



A great simple tool. Get your work service well-dusted with flour with this handy little flour dredger.

I use one to sprinkle flour (for bread or pasta making), one for cornmeal or semolina on my pizza or bread peel (to allow the pizzas to slide with ease) and one for spices and/or grated cheese! Stainless steel, lightweight and holds 10 oz. 4" h x 2.5" w

You can see this tool demonstrated in our PIZZA video located on the FG instructional Videos page.

Scale.png FG Pizza Digital Scale SKU: #4173



Wow Wow Wow!

Those of you who use bakers percentages, understand that you can duplicate any recipe in any amount, anytime! While figuring out percentages can sharpen your math skills. It is nice when a tool comes along that can assist you with formulas.

"Percentage Weighing" or proportional measuring makes for precise recipes and allows bakers to easily make larger or smaller batches of a given recipe. This has been a long-standing way for bakers to weigh their ingredients in proportion to their main ingredient (flour). This feature is the preferred method for bakers for the simple fact that it eliminates messy math that comes with weighing in teaspoons, cups, etc. - instead you deal with just percentage. Also, measuring this way allows for you to make as little or as much as you want easier.

It works like this: place a mixing bowl on the scale and tare it to zero. Add your flour and note that this is the 100% of the recipe (this is done by simply pressing the percentage key twice.)Next, empty your bowl, replace it on the scale and fill it with the next ingredient to the desired percentage you want. THAT'S IT!

Just complete with the rest of the ingredients and you're done. It's as simple as that. This highly functional digital scale is a MUST-HAVE for any aspiring or professional baker!

The scale has a stainless-steel removable tray, and comes with a removable shield to protect the display and keys from any mess. Check out the video below!

Here are the specs

Color: Silver, Power: 3 AA batteries (included), AC adapter: (available but not included. $5), Display: Blue Backlit LCD, Tare Feature: Yes, Calibration Feature: Yes, Hold Feature: Yes, Platform Size: 6.8" x 6.8", Scale Size: 9.8" x 8" x 3.8", Weighing Modes: 5 (grams, kilograms, ounces, pounds, pounds & ounces), Capacity: 15lbs!

pizza-pan-grippers.png Pizza Pan Pliers Grippers Chicago Style! SKU: #2126


Quantity: For the deep-dish pizza lover in YOU! and you know who you are.

The pan pliers will allow you to grip that hot pan right-out-of-the oven without struggling to find a potholder.

This handy gadget is famous for showing up in Chicago-Style deep-dish pizza parlors. Like a pair of pliers they allow you to grab and maneuver the pan with ease.

Pliers are nickel plated steel and weighs 8 ounces.

No more grabbing the pan with a towel or potholder, which includes getting ones thumb on the top-inside of the pan. This tool does it for you.

adapter-for-fgpizza-scale.png Power Adapter for Scale SKU: #4174


Quantity: Don't like batteries? This adapter will keep your FG pizza's Digital Scale powered.

ravioli-zig-zag-cutter-pastry-wheel-zigzag-cutter.png Pasta Cutting and Pastry Wheel SKU: #3054



A great classic pasta tool. Traditionally this is used to cut pasta or dough for filled pastries and latticework pie tops and creates the traditional ZigZag design to the edges of Ravioli.

Also known as a "jagger" to English bakers, it can also be used to cut cracker dough into squares with a pretty fluted edge.

To see the cutter in action, check out our Christmas Ravioli Video

Made in Italy.

Rockin-Roll-Pizza-Cutter-stainless-steel Rocking Pizza Knife Stainless Steel SKU: #4014

$40.00 $36.00


***Note - We have upgraded to a better product than what was in the video*** Rock and Roll your pizza into slices... It's that easy.

This cutter is a professional product, just like the ones used in pizza restaurants. It's made of High-Carbon stainless steel, measures 20-inches long. Our rocking pizza cutter has a sharpened cutting edge that can be re-sharpened if needed.

We use this knife to cut a 24-inch pizza - no problem.

Wanna see it work? Check it out below or on our FG Videos page.

pizza-pasta-pastry-roller-caputo-barilla-roller.png Pizza Pasta Pastry Roller SKU: #3065


Quantity: This unique little tool is so simple, and yet very helpful. For those who prefer to roll out their pizza this little roller helps you perfect your dough with fine details.

Solid beech-wood rollers. Great for corners, and flattening dough in tight areas.

Perfect for pasta, ravioli, and pastry too! Made of beech wood, the long roller end measures 4 inches and has a flat surface, while the smaller roller end is a tapered 2.5 inches. The total length of this tool is 7 inches.

Solid construction. Hand wash.

fgpizza-containers-condiment-shakers.png Condiment Shaker Trio - Glass/Stainless GIFT SET SKU: #3082


Quantity: A little more oregano... a little more heat... LOTS MORE CHEESE... Perfecto!

These condiment shakers are perfect to decorate any Italian table and are a must at your pizza party.

Each of the three containers are glass (not cheap plastic ones) and each come fitted with a stainless steel top. The chili and oregano top are slotted for easy distribution.

Sold packaged in a nice little Gift Box, ready for gifting! spices are not included - you'll want fresh ones anyway).

French-made-wooden-spoon.png Classic Wooden Spoon - ONE SKU: #4018


Quantity: Growing up Italian, there is nothing that gets more use than the wooden spoon.

It provides much more than its devised purpose. The wooden spoon would stir large pots of Sunday gravy and would always help one navagate to the best meatball or sausage in the pot. It acted as Mama and/or Nonni's pointing tool, while doubling as the best Italian corrective-action tool to keep challenging kids in line!

I'm gonna get the wooden spoon if you don't behave. Us Italian kids would hear from time to time.

Here at FGpizza, have chosen a very high-quality, French-made wooden spoon that will fit all those needs (especially the latter).

15.75-inches long from tip to tip and made from sold wood. It has a .75-inch heavy handle that is 12.5 inches long and is perfect for stirring those big pots of sauce. The spoons head is just under 2.5-inches wide and about 3.5-inches long.

Made in France

French-made-wooden-spoons3.png Classic Wooden Spoon - Set of 3 SKU: #4019



Three very high-quality French-made wooden spoons that will fit all your cooking needs.

15.75 inches long from tip to tip and made from sold wood. It's got a .75 inch heavy handle that is 12.5 inches long. The spoons head is just under 2.5 inches wide and about 3.5 inches long.

Made in France

Dough-scraper-no-scratch-bakers-bench-knife Dough Scraper / No Scratch SKU: #3010



Used for more than just scraping dough up from the dough box or counter; this is one of the bakers most useful tools.

Use it for: Scraping/picking up dough balls, dividing dough, cutting dough, scraping work area clean, lifting flour off surface area, etc.

Heavy-duty and non-scratching and measures 5" long. Easy-grip, ergonomic handle.

Danish-Dough-Whisk-Batter-Whisk-Large-SET.png Danish Dough Whisk - Set of Two SKU: #3002


Quantity: So why not have the best of both sizes?

One for breads and batters, one for meats, etc.

One can never have too many magic wands

stainless-steel-dough-scraper Dough Scraper - Stainless Steel 6"x3" Set of Two SKU: #4011


These Dough Scrapers are our favorite tool for Pizza, Bread and Pasta making. We love the sturdy feel and smooth stainless steel cutting edge. They are definitely built to last with its curved plastic handle to promote a comfortable, secure grip.

Dough Scraper's dimensions are 6" by 3" and its stainless steel blade easily glides on flat surfaces to divide or scrape dough. High Quality, professional, and NSF listed.