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CAPUTO-FLOUR-ANTIMO-MOLINO-Semola.png Antimo CAPUTO-Durum Semolina flour 3PK SKU: #4189


Quantity: 3kg (6.6#) Antimo Caputo Semola Flour. This is a premium semolina product. Perfect for pasta and Sicilian breads.

Semolina Flour is obtained from the milling of durum wheat. The semolina is ground several times to make kneading of the dough easier. Its amber color, balanced grains and elastic gluten make our semolina ideal for fried foods and also to sprinkle on top of foods resulting in golden, crispy creations. Click the image for more info.

CAPUTO-FLOUR-ANTIMO-MOLINO-San-Feliccia-Caputo-double-zero-Flour-3-pack.png Antimo CAPUTO Flour -Tipo "00" - 3 PK SKU: #4175


You asked for it and now we've got it. CAPUTO is the leader in Italian "00" flour. It is considered "the" flour to use when making true Neapolitan Pizza and perfect for pizzas cooked in wood-burning ovens. The RED bag (offered) is perfect for Pizza AND authentic Italian pasta.

From the Caputo website: In Naples, in the south of Italy, a city tied to the tradition of millers, the original Neapolitan pizza was born in the 1600's. It was here that the Caputo family began making the flour for pizza in their mill...

Click the image for more info.

Saf-yeast-FGpizza-active.png SAF Dry Yeast 1 pound ACTIVE SKU: #4231


Quantity: This yeast needs to be bloomed in 105 degree water.

Red Star« Active Dry Yeast is a special culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The moisture is removed in such a way that cell viability and leavening power are retained. This results in a granular form of yeast designed to be rehydrated before use.

Red Star« Active Dry Yeast can be used in all yeast-leavened goods with either straight or sponge doughs. It is normally applied in a ratio of 40% to 50% of compressed yeast weight requirements, depending on the sugar content and type of dough. Active dry yeast should be rehydrated with a minimum of 3.5 to 4.0 times its weight in water at 38-43║C. (100-110║F.).

Store unopened packages at room temperature in a dry location. Recommended shelf life for unopened packages is two years from date of manufacture. Once opened, I keep mine in the freezer

Bowl-Casuella-Oven-cooking-ceramic-ware-casuella.png Pedestal Bowl - Handcrafted in Arcata CA SKU: #3069



These one-of-a-kind pedestal bowls are exclusively handcrafted for FGpizza! The perfect size for olives, candy, salt, pizza toppings - just about anything.

Each bowl is unique and made by hand in Northern California by artisan Bill Funkhouser of Terra Forno Pottery. Standing 2.5" tall, this charming bowl stands on a 2.5" wide pedestal and presents an opening of 5.25" at its widest point. Since each bowl is hand-crafted, no two are exactly alike.

Like our casuellas, the glaze is food safe. The clay is fired to a point where it is almost vitreous so the clay can absorb a small amount of water. This pottery is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe, but we suggest hand washing to preserve the quality and life of the bowl. The color of the clay will evolve over time with use, cooking and washing.

Since it is made of clay, it will break if mishandled. One should not soak them in water before use. Maximum temperature recommendation 450 degrees Fahrenheit.