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FGpizza-christmas-ornamant-buon-natale-italian-christmas-cannoli--canolie--canoli-Sicilian.png Sicilian Cannoli Glass Ornament SKU: #5022



Everyone deserves a Cannoli once in a while! Now you can celebrate this festive dessert on your tree!

Our Cannoli ornament measures 2" tall by 4" long and comes complete with a dusting of "sugar" on its shell. Filled with ricotta cream and a candied cherry on one side.

Exceptionally formed and very close to actual size, this glass ornament takes on the shape of the sweet Sicilian confection that will charm the Cannoli-lovers in your life.

You can see a picture of the Cannoli Ornament Close Up.

This makes a GREAT gift, while supplies last!

If you have a friend who LOVES cannoli like we do... maybe you would be interested in our Cannoli Lovers Set.

These sweet little ornaments sell out each year. It's best advised to to order one while we have them...

Looking for Cannoli cherries? We have them! Toschi Amarena Italian Sour Cherries?

Cannoli-Christmas-ornament-fgpizza-italian-Lovers.png Cannoli Lovers Set SKU: #5036



For Cannoli lovers only (and I'm one of them!)

Included in this package is a set of 4 cannoli tubes to make fresh cannoli (recipe included) and a glass Cannoli Christmas ornament.

Talk about a great Sicilian gift!

If you are interested in just buying the Cannoli forming tubes by themselves, CLICK HERE

Looking for Cannoli cherries? We have them! Toschi Amarena Italian Sour Cherries?

Italian-Santa-Ornament-Wine-Barrel Wine Barrel Santa Claus - Ornament SKU: #5045



A wine connoisseur among many other things, Santa concludes that this wine is a very good year! Crafted of glass, this Santa winemaker ornament is colorfully detailed in eye-catching glazes and glistening glitter accents. Making the perfect gift for your wine enthusiast at Christmas time or any time of the year, our 5" Santa winemaker ornament is sure to get sweeter with time!

This ornament is artfully crafted of glass. With a hanging height of 6", this 5" tall ornament sparkles and shines like a great glass of cabernet. Comes ready to hang with a gold cord.

Spaghetti-christmas-ornament.png Spaghetti Bag Glass Ornament - Mouth-Blown in Poland SKU: #5042



Viva la Pasta!!

The picture here just doesn't do this spaghetti Christmas ornament justice. It's beautiful, glittering in all the right places.

Whether you twist your spaghetti or cut it with a fork, you're sure to "eat up" the charming details of this whimsical glass keepsake!

Expertly mouth blown in Poland, our spaghetti bag ornament is realistically hand-painted with vibrant glazes and sparkling glitter accents and is perfect for your food-themed tree!

Measures an impressive: 4.75" x 1.75"

glass-pizza-christmas-ornament.png Pizza Slice Glass Ornament SKU: #5016



The perfect ornament for that special pizza fan!

Our decorative pizza ornament is expertly crafted to resemble a slice of pizza with all your favorite toppings. This deluxe ornament is an appetizing addition to your collection.

This exquisitely detailed glass pizza ornament is 3" tall.

bread-basket-christmas-ornament.png Bread Basket Christmas Ornament SKU: #5039



We never forget the bread bakers in our Christmas ornament selection and this may be the best offering to date.

We couldn't resist this tempting bread basket ornament? Overflowing with a mouth-watering assortment of golden baguettes, buttery rolls and traditional hot-crossed buns, this charming keepsake is skillfully crafted in Poland and hand-painted with glistening golden glazes and a dusting of iridescent glitter.

Charmingly accented with a red and white checked fabric, this bread-baking keepsake is sure to add wholesome goodness to your holiday celebrations!

Measures: 3" x 3.5"

glass-Italian-Flag-christmas-ornament.png Italian Flag Glass Ornament SKU: #5018



Show your colors! Viva Italiana! Buon Natale!

Or just a gift for the Italian in your life.

The three colors of Italy's flag are very significant. Green represents hope, white stands for faith and red for charity.

Share this special meaning with our glass replica of this beautiful flag. 3" tall glass ornament.

FGpizza-christmas-ornamant-buon-natale-italian-christmas-cannoli-italian-santa-Sicilian.png Italian Santa Ornament SKU: #5030



Buon Natale! Santa doesn't just give presents, this Italian Santa also brings wine, grapes, and crusty-Italian bread.

Artfully crafted from resin, this 5" tall Italian Santa ornament is dressed with a bit of cultural flair as he carries a bottle of fine wine and a basket filled with golden bread, cheese, and an assortment of lush grapes.

Really a cute piece.

FGpizza-christmas-ornamant-buon-natale-italian-christmas-cannoli--canolie--canoli-Rome-suitcase-pisa Suitcase to Rome and Pisa - Ornament two sided! SKU: #5044


Quantity: Every time we view this on the tree... this one brings back memories of our trip to Italy.

The bags are packed and we're ready to go! Rome! Pisa!

Masterfully crafted of glass in Poland, our "leather-strapped" satchel features the destination ROME with a spectacular view of the Colosseum on the front with the Leaning Tower of Pisa adorning the reverse side. Filled with old-word charm, this scenic 2" tall by 3" wide suitcase shimmers with myriad of vibrant glazes and iridescent glitter accents and makes a great gift for the globe-trotter on your Christmas list!

Below, is the Pisa view of the suitcase:

Italian-pizza-chef-christmas-ornamanet.png Pizzaiolo Italian Chef Ornament SKU: #5041



A Peezz! A Peezz!! Who wanna da Peez?!

We can hear this Pizzaiolo call out for his customers, he's so cute

Crafted of glass from Poland, this whimsical keepsake depicts a charming Italian pizza chef proudly presenting his fresh baked pizza in one hand with a colorful towel draped over the other.

A must for every pizza lover. Measures an impressive: 5.25" x 3.75"

FGpizza-christmas-ornamant-buon-natale-italian-christmas-cannoli--calabria-calabrian-chili-pepper-1 Calabrian Pepper - Ornament SKU: #5029


Quantity: Spice up your Christmas tree with this Calabrian trademark.

With vivid glaze this exclusive 2 inches tall red hot chili pepper formed glass ornament will make a wonderful addition to your Christmas tree.

flags-pizza-oven-caputo-antimo-tabletop-italian-decorations-flags.png Tabletop Italian Flags Set of 2 SKU: #5103


Quantity: Festa Italaiana!

Time to dress up the place Italian style with these cute little Italian flags.

Each flag is 6"x"9" and stands 12" tall. Two Italian flags are accompanied with a round, plastic, table-top stand. Very cute.

Perfect accompaniment for the Red & White Checkered Tablecloth.

FGpizza-christmas-ornamant-buon-natale-italian-christmas-pizza-box2.png Pizza Box Glass Ornament SKU: #5027


Quantity: Of all of our ornaments, this one really stands out.

Wonderfully crafted with attention to detail. FG Pizza's 3.75" tall white pizza box ornament is creatively detailed with glittering accents and the familiar red-checkered pattern along the top and bottom of the box, with "FRESH" and "HOT" "Pizza" on the cover.

If you have are a fan of pizza or know someone who is, this is the ornament for you.

Italy-Italian-christmas-ornament.png Boot of Italy Glass Ornament SKU: #5038



Buon Natale!

Our blown-glass "boot of Italy" ornament cleverly captures the shape and flag of the beautiful homeland in shimmering colors.

Measuring 4.5" x 2.25", this meticulously crafted ornament displays the flag colors and name "Italy" on the front, and "Buon Natale" meaning "Merry Christmas" on the back (see picture below). A beauty for Italians and all those who love Italy.