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Cavarola-Board-Italian-Pasta-board-Walnut Handcrafted Cavarola Board - w/ mattarellaOUT OF STOCK SKU: #3101



This board is so beautiful, what a gorgeous work of art! It takes traditional pasta making to a luxurious level.

Click the image for more info.

Tuscan-Mattarello-italian-long-pasta-rolling-pin Mattarello - Tuscan Style Pasta Rolling PinOUT OF STOCK SKU: #3102



We have been searching for this item and ultimately partnered with local craftsmen who makes these Mattarelli exclusively for FG Pizza & Italian. We've collaborated to produce a very high quality replication of the Tuscan pasta tool, and we are very proud. Production is limited to our craftsman's availability. If we are out of stock, please ask to be on our waiting list and we will get you one.

Turned from solid maple to a width of 1 7/8" wide in diameter, the mattarello allows the pastaiolo to "feel" the roll, with enough weight to help roll the pasta to a beautiful, almost translucent, 1/8-inch thick.

The length of each pin is 39 inches long, including a knobbed end for hanging, allowing for the traditional wide roll of pasta. Perfect for rolling out pasta to make into long cuts (fettuccine, tagliatelle, linguine, pappardelle, etc.) and ideal for the large wide roll to make cappellini, tortellini, etc.

Rolling pasta with this pin is not only a tradition, but an art. Egg pasta is made by hand then allowed to rest for 30 minutes to 24 hours (in the refrigerator). The rested pasta is then rolled to a 1/8" thickness by artfully flattening a single layer, and classically overlapping layers for a traditional and functional roll of all layers. The soft-pointed end of our mattarello allows freshly rolled sheets of pasta to easily slide off the pin during rolling, without "catching" and tearing on a "blocked" rough edge.

One should not wash the mattarello with water. It may be wiped with a damp cloth and thoroughly dried before putting away. We suggest hanging the mattarello by its knob to prevent warping. Store in a cool, clean, dry place. We will be adding a video shortly. Made in the USA

inoxbonomi-italian-knives Italian Table Knives - 6 pack AVAIL JULY 25TH SKU: #4005


Quantity: Inoxbomi Table Knife - The perfect Italian table knife... with a secret!

The secret is, these knifes are the perfect knife for pasta making. That's right! My fresh cavatelli and especially my hand made orecchiette, skills reached a new level with these knives!

Made In Italy, and it is a must in every Italian household, and almost every restaurant in Italy! The knife has a 4.3 inch rounded serrated blade. Strong and flexible. Long-lasting, solid tempered stainless steel aisi 420.

Sharp & durable knives for smooth cuts. Authentic Inoxbonomi Cutlery. Perfect for Pizza, Steak, anything that requires a sharp knife, and; the greatest pasta shaping knife there is...

These knives are in my kitchen, and we teach all of our Pasta Classes with them. Honestly, you can't beat the price and I love them. (Frankie G)

timpano-tambalo-timpane-big-night-stanley-tucci-pasta-timpano Timpano Bowl - Large SKU: #3060



Timpano. What is it? It is the grand pasta drum filled with goodies, made famous by the movie Big Night, (written by Stanley Tucci and Joseph Tropiano - Directed by Stanley Tucci and Campbell Scott)

It is a great movie - especially for those who love Italian cooking and... Italians! If you haven't seen it, you should... and if you haven't made itTimpano... you DEFINITELY SHOULD!

Click the image for more info.

oval-pasta-strainer-colatutto-ovale Italian Oval Pasta Strainer - Colatutto Ovale SKU: #3087



The perfect tool for scooping and straining short-cut pasta, gnocchi, etc.

Want to prepare pasta like Italians do? Then use the tools they use to achieve the ultimate end result.

This colatutto is absolutely perfect for straining and retrieving short-cut pasta from its cooking water. It measures 16.5 inches long and has a straining bowl of 6.75 inches wide by 8.75 inches long. The straining bowl depth is approximately 3" deep and made of 18/10 stainless steel.

We import these strainers from Italy and use them in our kitchen regularly.

Gnocchi-caputo-streanese-rega-partana-tutto-calabria-gnocchi-garganelli.png Garganelli Board with Rolling Stick SKU: #3070



A really wonderful and simple old-school Italian pasta tool. What does it do? It helps you make a tube pasta with ridges on the outside (think penne rigati)

Our Garganelli boards are made in Italy & measure 6" x 3.5" x 0.5"

The pasta stick included with this package is split 3/4 of the way down, so you can squeeze it together and easily release the pasta tube.


Made in Italy.

ravioli-stamp-cutter-italian-pasta-tools-square.png Spring-loaded Ravioli Stamp - SQUARE SKU: #3062



Italian workmanship at its best! This is an elegant, productive and impressive tool. For a close up view of the tool's detail click HERE.

This square ravioli stamp is made in Italy with beautiful and sturdy maple handles and a retractable spring-loaded form. As one presses down on the filled pasta sheet, the form's spring-loaded pressure assures a firm pack and an easy release. Making ravioli approximately 1.75" in size.

In the video we are making cheese ravioli. We use Antimo Caputo Semola Flour and an Atlas Pasta Machine.

Made in Italy.

ravioli-1-stamp-cutter-italian-pasta-tools-round.png Spring-loaded Ravioli Stamp - ROUND SKU: #3063



This is our ROUND Italian pasta stamp. Making ravioli approximately 1.75" in size.

For a close up view of the tool's detail click HERE.

To see a video, check out our FGpizza Video page. In this video we are making cheese ravioli. We use Antimo Caputo Semola Flour and an Atlas Pasta Machine.

Made in Italy.

raviolis-ravioli-stamp-pasta-antimo-caputo-square.png Ravioli Pasta Stamp - Square - 2.5" OUT OF STOCK SKU: #3056



Make beautiful and authentic homemade ravioli. These handy tools seal ravioli in perfect shapes and mark them for cutting in one step. Hand wash only. Durable aluminum stamp with wood handle for years of use.

Made in Italy.

Round-Ravioli-Stamp-pasta-cutter-caputo-round.png Round Ravioli Pasta Stamp - 2.3" SKU: #3057



This is a very versatile pasta cutter. It cuts perfectly round shapes of pasta for hand-designed corzetti, sugar cookie dough, and of course - ravioli.

Cut or stamp your home made pasta to make 2.3" meat or ricotta-filled ravioli, agnoletti or tortelloni.

Stands 4.5" tall with a circle cut of 2.3" diameter.

Made in Italy.

Cappelletti-Stamp-pasta-cutter.png Cappelletti Stamp - 1.5"Set of Two SKU: #3058



These little cutters are so cute.

Use it to make small ravioli, agnoletti, tortellini or cappelletti.

Stands 3.75" tall with a circle cut of 1.5" diameter. Set of Two

Made in Italy.

ravioli-zig-zag-cutter-pastry-wheel-zigzag-cutter.png Pasta Cutting and Pastry Wheel SKU: #3054



A great classic pasta tool. Traditionally this is used to cut pasta or dough for filled pastries and latticework pie tops and creates the traditional ZigZag design to the edges of Ravioli.

Also known as a "jagger" to English bakers, it can also be used to cut cracker dough into squares with a pretty fluted edge.

To see the cutter in action, check out our Christmas Ravioli Video

Made in Italy.

Gnocchi-caputo-streanese-rega-partana-tutto-calabria-gnocchi-Board.png Pasta / Gnocchi Paddle SKU: #3052


Grooves or ridges in pasta shapes help the sauce adhere to the pasta. This handy little tool assists you in applying ridges to fresh gnocchi, cavatelli, penne rigati, etc.

Once you use this Italian-made gnocchi board, you won't want to make fresh pasta without it.

Ridges help give gnocchi its traditional shape. Size: 5" x 2 1/2" shaping surface.

You can see Natalia and I make Gnocchi in our video, located on the FG Video page.

Made in Italy.

Pansotti-pasta-stamp-caputop-closeup.png Pansotti - Triangular Shaped Pasta Stamp - 2" SKU: #3064


Pansotti, is a triangular shaped ravioli from Liguria. Pansotti is a stuffed pasta that is triangular in shape and has a zig-zag pattern on the edges.

This ravioli shape is most common in Northern Italy in the region of Liguria.

These handy tools seal Pansotti in perfect triangular shapes and cuts them in one step. Hand wash only. Durable aluminum stamp with wood handle for years of use.

Made in Italy.

Heart-pasta-stamp-caputop-closeup.png Heart-Shaped Pasta Stamp - 3.5" SKU: #3059



Do you love pasta? Do you love sharing the pasta you love with the ones you love? Then this item is for YOU!

Make beautiful heart-shaped ravioli or pasta shapes with this wonderful Italian cutter. The cutter seals your ravioli in perfect heart shapes. With a little wiggle of the cutter, you have cut and sealed your ravioli in one step. Great for lobster ravioli sauteed with a little browned-sage butter.

Durable aluminum stamp with wood handle for years of use. Hand wash only. Durable aluminum stamp with wood handle for years of use.

Made in Italy.

Christmas-Ravioli-rolling-pin1.png Christmas Ravioli Rolling Pin - FGpizza Exclusive! SKU: #3048



We have had so many requests to sell this large batch ravioli rolling pin. Many people have let us know they enjoyed our Christmas Ravioli video.

If my Nana would have had the opportunity to own one of these, she would have jumped on it in a minute! It's 32" long, with 6 rows of 13 ravioli pockets in each row. That is 78, 1.5-inch sized ravioli pockets for the entire pin. Over 6 dozen in one roll.

We call it the "Christmas Ravioli Rolling Pin" because many Italian families make batches and batches of ravioli at Christmastime for their Christmas dinner. As you can see in the video, Natalia and my niece Claire made 422 ravioli in one roll. We made the Christmas ravioli in less than half the time we have done in the past, and... it's really fun to use.

Made in America from solid American hard wood. We are very proud of the quality and its hand-made and local craftsmanship. This pin promotes a great seal to the ravioli, to protect against breakage when cooked. To see the quality close up please click HERE

You will be so proud of the ravioli it produces! It's superior craftsmanship assists with a tightly-sealed pasta pocket with enough room between to cut the ravioli with your ravioli ZigZag cutter

Frankie G family recipe included! Hand-wash only. Air dry completely before storing in a cool dry place.

10-oz-stainless-steel-shaker-with-handle.jpg Stainless Steel Flour Shaker SKU: #4170



A great simple tool. Get your work service well-dusted with flour with this handy little flour dredger.

I use one to sprinkle flour (for bread or pasta making), one for cornmeal or semolina on my pizza or bread peel (to allow the pizzas to slide with ease) and one for spices and/or grated cheese! Stainless steel, lightweight and holds 10 oz. 4" h x 2.5" w

You can see this tool demonstrated in our PIZZA video located on the FG instructional Videos page.

pasta-equlizer-dough-cutter-pappardelle.png Pappardelle Cutter - Pasta & Dough Equalizer SKU: #3085



Saves time and makes the task more achievable.

We never thought that we would want one of these... until we used one. It is outright a great tool. It's a universal tool that promotes consistency and makes for a more professional presentation.

Six, two-inch, stainless-steel cutting wheels can be adjusted to the width you desire. Just set and roll. The "accordion" style arm system allows its user to set the width of the wheels for the task.

FG pizza's pappardelle cutter provides cutting widths at a maximum of 4.75" and to a minimum of one half inch. When finished, simply collapse to a width of 2.75" and a length of 9.75".

Perfect for cutting and preparing pappardelle, garganelli, tortellini, cannelloni sheets, tortelloni, ravioli, fettuccine, pizzoccheri!


Let's not stop with pasta, this tool is perfect for pastry and bread doughs too. Use to cut thin bread dough for light and crispy bread sticks.

bamboo-skimmer-stainless-steal-skimmer.png Stainless Steel Bamboo Strainer SKU: #3080


Quantity: What can we say, it's a great tool.

Unlike it's cheap galvenized or brass-colored skimmers, this skimmer has a netting made of stainless steel. That means, no rusting!

Perfect for skimming floating pasta items like ravioli, gnocchi, cavatelli, etc. Also a very good tool for blanching bagels and vegetables.

See this tool at work in our FRESH PASTA SHAPES - FULL VIDEO

CAPUTO-FLOUR-ANTIMO-MOLINO-San-Feliccia-Caputo-double-zero-Flour-3-pack.png Antimo CAPUTO Flour -Tipo "00" - 3 PK SKU: #4175


You asked for it and now we've got it. CAPUTO is the leader in Italian "00" flour. It is considered "the" flour to use when making true Neapolitan Pizza and perfect for pizzas cooked in wood-burning ovens. The RED bag (offered) is perfect for Pizza AND authentic Italian pasta.

From the Caputo website: In Naples, in the south of Italy, a city tied to the tradition of millers, the original Neapolitan pizza was born in the 1600's. It was here that the Caputo family began making the flour for pizza in their mill...

Click the image for more info.

pizza-pasta-pastry-roller-caputo-barilla-roller-ricer.png Potato Ricer - for Gnocchi SKU: #3053


Quantity: To make Gnocchi, or to incorporate potatoes into bread dough, one must first rice potatoes to create a finer, fluffier consistency and this ricer does the trick!

Simply place this ricer over any bowl or pot, squeeze the gadget's handles and the potatoes ooze right through the holes in the canister.

Stainless steel construction, 3.5" x 10.5" x 3.75" and it holds 2.5 C. This item is dishwasher safe, however we recommend hand washing in order to extend the life and beauty of the item.

Italian-chefs-hat-adujustable-italian-flag.png Chef's Hat - Italian Colors SKU: #5101


Quantity: Viva Italia!

Dress the part and show your colors... Italian colors that is!

The tri-colored Green, White, & Red head band is adjustable. The classic style makes it fun and functional.

Made of 60% polyester and 40% cotton. Machine washable on delicate, but we suggest hand wash to preserve the shape and bright colors.

Tablecloth-red-white-checkered.png Red and White Checkered Tablecloth Square 60 inch SKU: #5102



When I was growing up, my father used to say...

"I don't like the fancy Italian restaurants, I want the Italian restaurants that use red and white tablecloths".

We love them too!

So, in honor of my father and all who love them... we are offering a 60"x60" square restaurant-quality tablecloth sporting the red & white checkered look.

100% Polyester. Machine wash. No ironing needed. We use this at home and it's really a good quality tablecloth.

To see a closer picture of the material, please click HERE

Perfect accompaniment for the Tabletop Italian Flags

measuring-spoons-for-baking.png Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons SKU: #5009


Our stainless steel measuring spoon, 4-piece set is dishwasher safe with a simple and sleek design.

Including: .25 teaspoon, .5 teaspoon, 1 teaspoon and 1 Tablespoon. Spoons are a great and simple design, made of stainless steel and a must-have for any baker.

Made of heavyweight 18/8 stainless steel for durability and long lasting use. These measuring spoons are ideal for use such as salt, spices, baking powder, etc.

At this price, you may want two sets! (I have 2 sets because one set is always in the dishwasher when I need to use them).

artisan-solid-wood-bakers-rolling-pin.png Artisan Rolling Pin - 19" SKU: #3050


Quantity: The perfect artisan baking tool. Simplicity at its best and easy on the hands.

Using a rolling pin without handles keeps one's hands more involved and closer to the dough. This allows better control on thickness and less probability to "skip" and/or "fold-over" dough, ruining the smooth surface one strives to achieve.

This beech-wood rolling pin is smoothly sanded hardwood and is the ultimate tool for baking and pasta making.

Also works great for those who like to roll their pizza and bread doughs. Since these doughs have more gluten, they can be more elastic than pastry. The thickness of our artisan rolling pin helps you flatten or shape your dough to the thickness you desire.

Measures 19 inches long by 1.75 inches in diameter.

Apron-Italian-Flag-Colors.png Apron - Italian Colors SKU: #5100



Cooking Italian Style! Sporting the colors of the Italian Flag.

This apron is really nice, I have one, use it and love it.

It's 32" long and "heavy weight" material. Green (on top), white (in the middle) and red (on the bottom). One top pocket for pencil or thermometer (in the green area), and 1 lower bigger pocket (in the white area). Made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester, these aprons really hold up.

To see a closer picture of the material, please click HERE

Atlas-pasta-machine-wellness-red-150-pasta-rolling-machine Atlas ģ Marcato Red Pasta Machine SKU: #4300



What the WELLNESS stands for.

"It is the only pasta machine totally produced with materials which does not release any harmful metallic residue, for total wellness"

The Atlas 150 Color, from the Marcato Design line, is the home-made pasta machine with a young and trendy style, that combines use, functionality and design. We offer it here in a beautiful metalic RED.

It lets you prepare 3 pasta shapes: lasagne, fettuccine (6 mm) and tagliolini (1.5 mm). The machine can be used with 12 accessories, sold separately, to make new and different pasta shapes, all home-made.

Atlas 150 Color is equipped with a 10-position regulating knob which allows you to achieve different dough sheet thicknesses: from 4.8 mm in position num. 0, to 0.6 mm in position num. 9.

Atlas 150 Color comes with a clamp to secure the pasta machine to your work surface, and a useful handle with a coloured grip. To streamline and speed up your work, it is equipped with a bayonet fitting so that a Pasta drive motor can be quickly attached to it.

Need any pasta flour? We've got that!

Medium-Ravioli-Roling-Pin.png Ravioli Rolling Pin - Medium SKU: #3049



When quality matters, but the Christmas Ravioli Rolling Pin is too big for your kitchen - this is the tool for you!

It's 25" long, with 9 ravioli pockets in each row and 6 rows. That is 54, 1.5-inch sized ravioli pockets for the entire pin.

One of the best features of this solid pin is the space it leaves between each ravioli pocket. The space created assists with a tightly-sealed pasta pocket with enough room between to cut the ravioli with your zig-zag cutter.

Hand-made in America from solid American hard wood. We are very proud of the quality and its superior craftsmanship. To see the quality close up please click HERE

You will be so proud of the ravioli it produces!

Frankie G family recipe included! Hand-wash only. Air dry completely before storing in a cool dry place.

Italian-arancini-meatball-formers Arancini - Meatball Former SKU: #3089



Leave it to the Italians, for simplicity and functionally simple designs. This ball-forming tool is made in Italy and assists your speed in creating arancini and meatballs in similar portion sizes. Promoting even cooking and consistent serving sizes.

Imported and made in Italy, these forming scissors measure 7 inches long, and 2.5 inches at their widest point. They are made of aluminum and each scooping section has "exit holes" to allow for over flow, making a 1.75 inch ball.

timpano-tambalo-timpane-big-night-stanley-tucci-pasta-timpano-picolo Timpano Bowl - Picolo SKU: #3061


Quantity: While the master recipe can feed up to 16 people, we carry this smaller Timpano pan, for those who want to make if for gruppo picolo (little group).

The bowl diameter is 10 1/2" and stands 3 1/8" tall. The reason this type of bowl is used is because the shape is perfect, and the enamel coating cooks the pasta crust perfectly. Our Timpano bowls are created by baking porcelain-enamel onto the surface of a high quality steel bowl. It meets both FDA as well as California Food Safety regulations. This is a great item! Each Timpano bowl comes with the recipe for "Timpano alla Big Night" and cleaning instructions.

Troccolaturo-wooded-Italian-tagliatelle-roller-cutter Tagliatelle Rolling Pin Cutter SKU: #3044



Make pasta in the traditional way, use a troccolaturo!

A troccolaturo is a small pasta rolling pin/cutter. It's the classic tool of the pastaio as well as one's "Nonna". The idea is to make fresh pasta, roll the pasta in 12-inch sheets, then roll the troccolaturo over the sheet. This cuts the pasta sheet into long pasta shapes like pappardelle, fettuccine, and tagliatelle.

We have several pasta shapes to choose from:





Made of beachwood, this pasta rolling pin/cutter is 12.75" long and fits your hands perfectly. FG pizza imports these pasta tools and they are made in Italy.

AnkarsrumPastaCutterFettuccine1212 Ankarsrum Pasta Cutter Fettuccine SKU: #5723


AnkarsrumPastaRollerLasagna1210 Ankarsrum Pasta Roller Lasagna SKU: #5718


Scale.png FG Pizza Digital Scale SKU: #4173



Wow Wow Wow!

Those of you who use bakers percentages, understand that you can duplicate any recipe in any amount, anytime! While figuring out percentages can sharpen your math skills. It is nice when a tool comes along that can assist you with formulas.

"Percentage Weighing" or proportional measuring makes for precise recipes and allows bakers to easily make larger or smaller batches of a given recipe. This has been a long-standing way for bakers to weigh their ingredients in proportion to their main ingredient (flour). This feature is the preferred method for bakers for the simple fact that it eliminates messy math that comes with weighing in teaspoons, cups, etc. - instead you deal with just percentage. Also, measuring this way allows for you to make as little or as much as you want easier.

It works like this: place a mixing bowl on the scale and tare it to zero. Add your flour and note that this is the 100% of the recipe (this is done by simply pressing the percentage key twice.)Next, empty your bowl, replace it on the scale and fill it with the next ingredient to the desired percentage you want. THAT'S IT!

Just complete with the rest of the ingredients and you're done. It's as simple as that. This highly functional digital scale is a MUST-HAVE for any aspiring or professional baker!

The scale has a stainless-steel removable tray, and comes with a removable shield to protect the display and keys from any mess. Check out the video below!

Here are the specs

Color: Silver, Power: 3 AA batteries (included), AC adapter: (available but not included. $5), Display: Blue Backlit LCD, Tare Feature: Yes, Calibration Feature: Yes, Hold Feature: Yes, Platform Size: 6.8" x 6.8", Scale Size: 9.8" x 8" x 3.8", Weighing Modes: 5 (grams, kilograms, ounces, pounds, pounds & ounces), Capacity: 15lbs!

Ravioli-Rolling-Pin-wooden-Italian Ravioli Rolling Pin - Small SKU: #3051



This is the classic wooden ravioli rolling pin just like the one my grandmother used to use and I still use today. It makes nice small squares of ravioli.

The process goes like this:

Roll out a sheet of dough, spread filling on the right half of the pasta, then fold the left half of the dough over the filling to sandwich the filling between the pasta.

To make ravioli, dust the filled-pasta sheet liberally and roll with rolling pin. THAT'S IT!

Rolling pockets will make ravioli cuts of 1.5" x 1", with 4 rows of 10 ravioli pockets per row. The barrel is 18" long and 2.5" in diameter plus the handles. Total length is 23.5". MADE IN ITALY

fresh-pasta-drying-rack Fresh Pasta Drying Rack SKU: #3042




Every pasta maker needs a fresh pasta drying rack.

My nonna, used to hang the pasta on anything! Hangers, the closet clothes rod, sticks that get precariously placed throughout the kitchen. The problem is, it can be more work to create a make-shift pasta drying space, in place of just... having the right tool.

Our traditional wooden drying rack is perfect for drying fresh homemade pasta. The wooden rack stands 16.5 inches tall, including a heavy, stable 7/8-inch thick base. The unit is then equipped with 4, 18-inch dowels that slide through the holes in the post, creating 8 arms that are perfectly angled so they donít interfere with each other while drying pasta. Even the longest tagliatelle will not touch the counter!

Made of environmentally friendly rubberwood, the unfinished wood is perfect for keeping the pasta strands from sliding off. Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store, saves time and less mess! Disassembles in seconds for easy storage. To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

Measures: 16.5" x 18" x 18"

stainless-steel-dough-scraper Dough Scraper - Stainless Steel 6"x3" Set of Two SKU: #4011


These Dough Scrapers are our favorite tool for Pizza, Bread and Pasta making. We love the sturdy feel and smooth stainless steel cutting edge. They are definitely built to last with its curved plastic handle to promote a comfortable, secure grip.

Dough Scraper's dimensions are 6" by 3" and its stainless steel blade easily glides on flat surfaces to divide or scrape dough. High Quality, professional, and NSF listed.