Italian Turning Peel - 70" length with 8"head

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My NEW favorite tool. I absolutely could not get by without it. It's the perfect pizza "turner" for woodfired ovens ... or any oven for that matter.

This small-headed peel is used to spin and remove pizzas or pans from the oven, or adjust and place logs on the fire. Stainless-steel head, and stainless-steel rod. The peel has a smooth-sliding and heat-resistant plastic handle to keep your hands cool and to improve accuracy of movement, and allows ease of operation without having to wrap a towel on the rod. The round, stainless-steel head has holes for quick cooling and to help knock off flour from the bottom of your pies. great design.

Dimensions: Round Perforated Head: 8", Handle Length 70", weight is approx 2 lbs.

Made in Italy

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