Italian Terracotta Pentola

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After the pizza party or after the bread baking - when your oven is slowly cooling down - that's when this beautiful Pentola enters the scene. Cook dried beans, short ribs, soup, stews, anything that requires low and slow.

Terracotta is an ancient method of cooking, and ideal for cooking slow and at low temperatures. It encourages an exchange of flavors, enhances aromas and imparts special taste to food by distributing heat in a uniform and gradual way.

Made in Italy, these pots show individual characteristics of very fine "cracks" called "crazing" or "veining." This is not a defect, but a characteristic of flame resistant terracotta, allowing for the micro-vapors of steam to be released evenly into the food during cooking.

Measuring 9" tall and 11.5 inches at its widest point, this deep red cooking vessel is the classic Italian "dutch oven".

This method of cooking has been used for producing some of the most delectable and delicious cuisine in Italy since before early Roman times. And as we all know the Italians certainly know a thing or two about excellent food. Terracotta pots for stew, bean, sauce, potato, bread and roasting pots for meats and veggies.

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