Handcrafted Corzetti Stamp - Solid Walnut

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We are so proud to offer these wonderful pieces of art. Hand-made especially for FG pizza & Italian. These corzetti stamps are beautifully handcrafted to FG pizza's specifications. Here we offer a corzetti stamp made of solid walnut wood. (we also have them in Maple Wood.)

What is a corzetti stamp? It is a wooden tool, in two pieces, that assist the pastaiolo to make beautiful imprinted Ligurian pasta discs.

Since each corzetti stamp is hand-made, no two are exactly identical. Each include their own imperfections, adding to the authenticity of the final product. Together, both pieces stacked on top of each other stand approximately 5.75 inches high.

The base piece is both a "cutter" on one side and a decorative 5-sprig wheat design stamp on the other side. The top piece has a beautifully decorative knob handle that fits comfortably in ones hand, with a flower design stamp on the bottom end. The bottom stamp is approximately 2.5 inches high. The top portion is approximately 3.25 inches high. (sizes may vary slightly since these are handmade). The diameter of both the top and bottom stamp are the same, measuring about 1 7/8 inches.

To see the hand-carved bottoms of the corzetti stamp close up, please click HERE

These stamps are in limited supply, and may not be available from time to time. If you want one, we advise that you order one right away.

Here is a video we did on how to make corzetti pasta:

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