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This board is so beautiful, what a gorgeous work of art! It takes traditional pasta making to a luxurious level.

What is a cavarola, board? Used throughout Italy, cavaroloa, boards are used to assist the Pastaiolo (Pasta maker) to impress and make an imprint design on hande-made pasta like capunti, gnocchi, paccheri, etc.

We are so honored to offer these beautiful hand-carved cavarola boards. Made of the finest quality. Handcrafted especially for FG pizza & Italian and to our specifications. These cavarola boards are all 100% unique - no two boards look the same. This board is made from beautiful Walnut-wood and is the perfect tool e showcased as designs and pasta patterns are hand carved into the work surface.

Measuring 14 inches by 7 inches, with a 9 inch by 5.5 inch work area to pattern your garganelli, cavatelli, gnocchi, etc. Each board comes with its own matterella (rolling pin), hand-turned from hard maple.

These are really nice. Natalia and I will put up a video soon, but until then, get 'em while you can!

If you like this tool, you will LOVE our Matterella

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