German BATARD - Cane Banneton Proofing Basket

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Brotforms made in Germany, and lined with a removable (and washable) linen liner. These baskets are a bread-bakers favorite tool. They were made especially for FG pizza & Italian, and beaming with quality.

Unlike cheap baskets made in China, Indonesia, and other countries, these baskets are quality. Made of coiled cane, these German-made gems are a sturdy and firm construction and traditionally shaped.

The great feature about these baskets are their shape! The are wider at the mouth, than they are at the bottom. This allows full development during rise, better adhesion of flour to dough, and these baskets make it much easier to pop the dough out of the form.

Size: for breads up to 1,000 gr (or 2.2 pounds)
30x14x7 cm

These German-made, bread proofing baskets are labeled many names: Benneton, brotform, brotformen, willow baskets, cane baskets and coil baskets to mention a few. What ever you want to call them, you can't beat the QUALITY or the PRICE.

For those who have never used these, proofing your bread in these baskets allow one to retain a beautiful artisan flour design on your loaves when finished.

Dust the baskets with flour, (I use semolina) your bread proofs sitting inside these brotforms brotforms. When it's time to bake, invert the basket on your peel and transfer the bread, the dusting of flour is now left on the unbaked bread and supports a spiral design of flour, typical of European bakers.

The final result is the mark of a true artisan baker.

Made in Germany

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