Tuscan Grill for outdoor cooking

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This cast iron grill is the perfect grill for your wood-burning oven. It's the perfect tool for Mixed Grill , Bistecca alla Fiorentina, or Grilled Chicken Under Brick .

Here's how it works: Your Wood-fired Oven is hot and you've just made a pizza or two for your guests - to take away the hunger. Now for the main coarse, you roast some veggies, make a salad, and rake some coals forward from the back/side of your oven toward the oven opening. Place your Tuscan Grill on top, and grill your steaks, veggies, bread... anything!

It can be used over a campfire or in your fireplace. The Tuscan Grill has plenty of room for grilling vegetables, meats, fish etc. with 196 square inches of cooking surface.

The grill has a height of 4" with the legs, which can be used directly over hot coals. Without the legs you can lay it on a conventional chrome-plated or enamel pan to produce tack-sharp, well defined grill marks.

Cast iron construction
14" x 14" grill surface, 4" high legs
Weighs 15#

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