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Focaccia-Sfincione-Sicilian-pizza-pan-pizza-bible.png Focaccia-Sfincione Pan - Enameled White SKU: #4117



My grandmother used a pan just like this one. Nonna Agatha, would make her dough the same day and let the dough rise twice, then the final raise in the pan. She made a Sicilian sfincione which our family calls Civata. Her Civata was made with lots of olive oil, a sauce from crushed tomatoes & green onion, then topped with anchovy, breadcrumbs, Romano cheese, and oregano. Our family still makes it for family gatherings.

We have done lots of experimentation with these pans. We've roasted veggies and meats and made great Focaccia, Sicilian Pizza and Sfincione in them, where the bottom of the crust fries to a toasted golden brown. Just delicious.

It is a beautiful white enameled steel pan, measuring 16 inches long, 12 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep. The tapered edges of the pan allows one to remove their Focaccia / Sfincione with little effort. The pan can be transferred from the refrigerator directly to the oven, then to the table. The beautiful white, baked-on porcelain finish makes it really easy to clean.

With enough use, the finish may tarnish just as the finest le Creuset enameled cookware.

pizza-parlor-serving-trays-wide-rim-pizza-tray-14-inch Aluminum Pizza Pan 14 inch SKU: #4080


Offered here is the 14" pizza tray, which can serve/hold a 14" and smaller round pizza.

Each pizza tray has the traditional 1" raised, wide-rim on the circumference and a rolled edge. Each pizza serving tray is made from hard 18 gauge aluminum. Imported

pizza-parlor-serving-trays-wide-rim-pizza-tray-16-inch Aluminum Pizza Pan 16 inch SKU: #4081


Offered here is the 16" pizza tray, which can serve/hold a 16" and smaller round pizza.

Each pizza tray has the traditional 1" raised wide-rim on the circumference and a rolled edge. Each pizza serving tray is made from hard 18 gauge aluminum. Imported

Italian-stuffed-pizza-pan-grippers-.png Pizza Pan Grippers - Italian SKU: #2125



Sleek and functional. The Italians got this one right.

No Moving parts, just a simple tool that allows one to grab a hot pan and use the pan's weight as leverage for secure handling.

Stainless steel, 9 inches long, made in Italy.

pizza-dough-proofing-pans-aluminum.png Dough Proofing Pans- 3 w/ 1 cover SKU: #4177



This is a great way for home pizza makers to ferment and retard their dough. East-Coast style pizzerias have been using them for years, and guess what, it works great for home application too!

Pizza dough is best with a long, slow, cold rise. It's best for the flavor development of your dough. These pans chill quickly and keep your dough at a consistent temperature.

With these pans one can ball the dough, place it in the (oiled) pans, stack 'em, and chill 'em. They stay in your fridge untouched until you're ready to use them.

They're perfect for the wood-fired oven user. Just bring the stacks out to the oven and the dough stays neat and tidy till you need it.

Made of 18-gauge aluminum, each pan is 7.5" in diameter, 2.5" high - each pan nests on top of each other. We are selling 3 pans as a set, and that includes 1 cover.

Pizza-pleezers-perfect-serving-tray-pizza-paddle-doz-14.png 14" Pizza Serving Trays - 1 DOZEN SKU: #4095



Same great product as above, with a substantial case savings.

To see the trays close up, please click HERE

To see a video on these trays, check out our FG Video page.

focaccia-pans-woodfired-oven-pans Focaccia Pan - Roasting Pan - Set of 3 SKU: #4115



These may become your favorite cooking vessel. Perfect for Focaccia and also works really well for roasting vegetables.

Check out Frankie G's Focaccia Trio - Video to watch these pans in action.

These quarter-size aluminum sheet pans can be used for all-purpose baking and/or roasting needs. Includes 3 Foccacia pans measuring 9.5" x 13" x 1". The pans are NSF-certified