Dough Proofing Pans- 3 w/ 1 cover

SKU: #4177



This is a great way for home pizza makers to ferment and retard their dough. East-Coast style pizzerias have been using them for years, and guess what, it works great for home application too!

Pizza dough is best with a long, slow, cold rise. It's best for the flavor development of your dough. These pans chill quickly and keep your dough at a consistent temperature.

With these pans one can ball the dough, place it in the (oiled) pans, stack 'em, and chill 'em. They stay in your fridge untouched until you're ready to use them.

They're perfect for the wood-fired oven user. Just bring the stacks out to the oven and the dough stays neat and tidy till you need it.

Made of 18-gauge aluminum, each pan is 7.5" in diameter, 2.5" high - each pan nests on top of each other. We are selling 3 pans as a set, and that includes 1 cover.

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