Perforated Banjo Peel 59 inch handle

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My favorite tool. I absolutely could not get by without it. It's the perfect pizza "turner" for woodfired ovens ... or any oven for that matter.

This small-headed peel is used to spin and remove pizzas or pans from the oven, or adjust and place logs on the fire. Stainless-steel head, and stainless-steel rod. The smooth-sliding and heat-resistant plastic handle improves accuracy of movement, and allows ease of operation and accuracy.

Dimensions: Round Perforated Head: 9", Handle Length 59", Weight 2.3 lbs. Older pictures represent this tool with round holes, but this is not made any longer. The manufacturer has redesigned this product to sport oblong perforations.

Frankie G's notes: I personally have used this since the first firing of my oven. Note the sliding handles. These peels are fixed with one secure handle at the end, and one sliding handle on the stainless-steel rod. This allows its operator to easily maneuver the peel where needed, without readjusting one's hands. GREAT design! It's not only a necessity, it's really fun to use.

You can see this peel demonstrated in our "Peels 101" video, located on our FG Videos page, OR click HERE for a short, 1.5 minute video.

Replacement handles are available HERE.

Made in Italy

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