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mobile-peel-stand.png Mobile Stainless Steel Peel Stand SKU: #2100



We get a lot of requests from our customers for a mobile peel stand. When there is not a convenient place to hang a peel rack or a tool rack for your tools, this little gem is the answer.

We have fully tested it and we LOVE IT. Great for wood and metal peels.

Measures: 15.5" high by 16" wide. The footing is 6.5" back to front. This holders supports up to a 14" peels.

Made of stainless steel, this rack is very sturdy. It has a hole in it's support floor with a secured rubber base. This allows peels with rounded heads to rest in a protected cushion and does not dull or bend the edge.

Assembly required. Made in Italy

peel_rack.jpg Wall Rack for Woodfired Tool or Peels SKU: #2040



With a wood-fired oven, one needs to work fast. This little life saver can attach to the outside of your oven or wall to hang your pizza peels and utensils.

Made in Italy