Iced Pizza Topping Tray

SKU: #4111



Do you enjoy pizza parties and offer lots of toppings? Let this counter-friendly pizza topping tray help you stay organized, sanitary, and FRESH.

An acrylic frame houses 5 white plastic inserts. PERFECT for pizza parties with multiple toppings. Each insert has a 16 ounce capacity. It has a clear acrylic lid that flips open and closed to keep your toppings protected and fresh.

Layer a bed of cubed or crushed ice in the bottom of the condiment holder and position the five filled condiment compartments above. Everything stays chilled and fresh for hours. The hinged lid keeps the cold in and bugs out.

Measurements are 16.5" by 6.5" by 5.25".

To see a video of this item, check out our FG Video page.

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