FG Pizza's - Professional Oven Brush 60 inch

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Same Brush as the 48 inch... just a longer handle.

A well-built, light-weight, professional and affordable oven brush that is made in America to FGpizza's highest standards, and only available through us.

The head stock is made of strong, North American hardwood with sturdy and gentle brass-bristles. 24% more bristles then other brushes.

Use this brush to collect ash from between hearth bricks and the smallest crevices of your oven. You will love how gentle and thorough it sweeps and cares for your hearth.

The adjustable head swivels to adjust to ANY oven shape - and sweeps with a FIRM motion. Angle the head straight in-line with the handle, or swivel it perpendicular to sweep and drag ash or push small coals. Head adjusts 360 degrees.

Extremely well constructed and durable. It has a heavy-duty 60" aluminum handle (which will not get burned from the heat of your oven like wood handles), and it cools off quickly. Want a shorter handle? Here's our 48inch-handled brush

Its flared brass-bristles allow the brush to sweep 8" of space at a time.

Made in America

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