Dough Fermentation Fabric -Baker's Couche

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Dough, fold, dough, fold, dough, fold..... this pattern is known in the bread baking world as a Baker's Couche.

We have found a professional fabric that works very well for dough fermentation. It allows the loaves to breath without drying. It's light weight... and even washable! (although I never wash mine).

This material offers a new and hygienic solution for bread-fermentation cloth. The advantages are: the material does not fray, or shrink if washed. It is very flexible, lightweight and naturally resistant to mold.

This is the most important part... it's approved and compliant with food safety standards.

Measurements: 23.5"x 36", quantities limited

Frankie's Notes: I personally use this product and like how light-weight it is...I used to use kitchen towels, but I really like this better. It's very lightweight and sturdy. It holds the dough form well.

You can see this cloth demonstrated in our video, located on the FG Video page.

Made in France.

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