Classic Wooden Spoon - ONE

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Growing up Italian, there is nothing that gets more use than the wooden spoon.

It provides much more than its devised purpose. The wooden spoon would stir large pots of Sunday gravy and would always help one navagate to the best meatball or sausage in the pot. It acted as Mama and/or Nonni's pointing tool, while doubling as the best Italian corrective-action tool to keep challenging kids in line!

I'm gonna get the wooden spoon if you don't behave. Us Italian kids would hear from time to time.

Here at FGpizza, have chosen a very high-quality, French-made wooden spoon that will fit all those needs (especially the latter).

15.75-inches long from tip to tip and made from sold wood. It has a .75-inch heavy handle that is 12.5 inches long and is perfect for stirring those big pots of sauce. The spoons head is just under 2.5-inches wide and about 3.5-inches long.

Made in France

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