Classic Baker's Peel -w/ 6' handle

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My uncle used one at Cardinale Bakery in Pittsburg, CA. His had a handle of 12-14 feet.

These peels are for the classic baker that enjoys a wooden feel, needs a long handle, and who may be tough on peel blades.

The detachable handle is specially-designed for this baker's peel. It's manufactured to fit snug so that when attached to the peel head, and used in a hot oven, it maintains a sturdy tool; without "wiggle". This is extremely important. A close up view of the fitting can be seen close up by clicking HERE. Hardware is included.

When the blade (peel head)gets old, or damaged, one purchases a new blade and attaches it to the old handle. Great idea. You can see this peel demonstrated in our "Peels 101" video, located on our FG Instructional Videos page.

Replacement handles found HERE. Replacement Peel Heads can be found HERE.

Made in USA