Christmas Ravioli Rolling Pin - Large

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We have had so many requests to sell this large batch ravioli rolling pin. Many people have let us know they enjoyed our Christmas Ravioli video.

If my Nana would have had the opportunity to own one of these, she would have jumped on it in a minute! It's 32" long, with 6 rows of 13 ravioli pockets in each row. That is 78, 1.5-inch sized ravioli pockets for the entire pin. Over 6 dozen in one roll.

We call it the "Christmas Ravioli Rolling Pin" because many Italian families make batches and batches of ravioli at Christmastime for their Christmas dinner. As you can see in the video, Natalia and my niece Claire made 422 ravioli in one roll. We made the Christmas ravioli in less than half the time we have done in the past, and... it's really fun to use.

Made in America from solid American hard wood. We are very proud of the quality and its hand-made and local craftsmanship. This pin promotes a great seal to the ravioli, to protect against breakage when cooked. To see the quality close up please click HERE

You will be so proud of the ravioli it produces! It's superior craftsmanship assists with a tightly-sealed pasta pocket with enough room between to cut the ravioli with your ravioli ZigZag cutter

Frankie G family recipe included! Hand-wash only. Air dry completely before storing in a cool dry place.

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