Paella Pan - Polished Carbon Steel

SKU: #4125



Paella pans are the preferred vessel to cook and roast food in woodfired ovens.

Our carbon steel pan is light-weight, with great heat transferring qualities. Use for paella (of coarse), but also can be used for so much more...

Roast potatoes, vegetables, meats, sauces, shellfish, etc. Get creative and fill with a 1" layer of rock salt and make Frankie G's Clam Casino appetizer for your guests.

Although I love to cook with cast iron, this pan is lighter in weight and transfers heat from your oven floor better. The handles also allow it to be maneuvered much easier within and outside the oven.

If you would like to see this pan in action, check out our Roasted Cauliflower video on our Woodfired Appetizer Page.

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