Bianco DiNapoli Tomatoes Whole Case of 12 Cans

SKU: #4307



Chris Bianco created possibly one of the best pizzas on the planet at his restaurant Pizzeria Bianco, in Phoenix, AZ.

He has now teamed up with one of America's premium tomato packers, Rob DiNapoli.

Together, they have the care and focus to create the best tomatoes that money can buy. A definite rival to the tomatoes of San Marzano.

Bianco DiNapoli Tomatoes are organically grown and harvested on Cliff Fong's family farm in Yolo County, California. Long summer days and fertile soil produce these very unique & delicious tomatoes. Within hours of harvest the plum- shaped tomatoes are washed, steam-peeled and hand selected at the Olam tomato cannery in Williams, CA. Each 28 oz can is packed with a touch of sea salt, organic basil then topped in its own juices.

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