Automatic Pot Stirrer OUT OF STOCK

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This is just about the coolest invention. I know that my mother and grandmother wished they had one... The only way they could stop stirring the pot... was to teach me to do it!

...and after they taught me to cook... I looked around for the next victim. Well not anymore!

For those who make polenta and large pots of sauce, this is for you - AND THIS THING WORKS!!

This automatic pot stirrer will fit two-handled sauce pots from 9" to 14" or 9-16 quarts. It's powered by 4 "C" batteries, stirs continuous or intermittently and comes with two heat-resistant blades (up to 375 degrees). 2 stackable blades stir at different levels for better consistency. Color available: Black

Simple to use, clean and store (easily folds flat into any kitchen drawer). This great invention stirs your precious sauces, candies, or polenta and gives the chef time to relax or extra time to prepare something else.

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