Andiron Log Holder - Large

SKU: #2090



Our andiron log holder is designed especially for wood burning ovens.

This log holder just might be the most helpful oven tool in your tool case. It helps with oven fire and assists you with the direction of flame inside the oven cavity.

Why is this important? Because fire direction can take you across the line of quality, between good pizza and GREAT pizza. For truly delicious and crispy pizza crust, flame should curl over the dome of the oven.

As logs tilt on the log holder, and/or the fire is built over it, this solid-steel unit allows better airflow under the fire for a more consistent flame.

Made of solid steel and weighs in around 10#. 19 3/4" long by 10 3/4" wide by 9" tall.

And the cool thing is that it's made in America.

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