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CAPUTO-FLOUR-ANTIMO-MOLINO-Semola.png Antimo CAPUTO-Durum Semolina 3PK SKU: #4189


Quantity: 3kg (6.6#) Antimo Caputo Semola Flour. This is a premium semolina product. Perfect for pasta and Sicilian breads.

Semolina Flour is obtained from the milling of durum wheat. The semolina is ground several times to make kneading of the dough easier. Its amber color, balanced grains and elastic gluten make our semolina ideal for fried foods and also to sprinkle on top of foods resulting in golden, crispy creations.

Molino Caputo uses slow grinding techniques in order to not damage starches and proteins. Molino Caputo uses NO preservatives and NO additives but only pure wheat.

In their cookbook, San Francisco's, A16, recommends CAPUTO flour for making their fresh pasta recipes. As dry-pasta-fans, Natalia and I can personally attest that fresh pasta, made with Caputo flour, is the best pasta that we have ever made... OR EATEN!!

CAPUTO-FLOUR-ANTIMO-MOLINO-San-Feliccia-Caputo-double-zero-Flour-3-pack.png Antimo CAPUTO Flour -Tipo "00" - 3 PK SKU: #4175


You asked for it and now we've got it. CAPUTO is the leader in Italian "00" flour. It is considered "the" flour to use when making true Neapolitan Pizza and perfect for pizzas cooked in wood-burning ovens.

From the Caputo website: In Naples, in the south of Italy, a city tied to the tradition of millers, the original Neapolitan pizza was born in the 1600's. It was here that the Caputo family began making the flour for pizza in their mill.

Today they have developed the most modern techniques and have conserved the secrets of their traditions. This specialized pizza, in cooperation with "The Real Neapolitan Pizza Association" has satisfied even the most critical. A selection of the best Italian wheat is transformed into flour with the most advanced techniques. Making it the perfect dough for this famous traditional pizza. The recent interest in high quality pizza in the United States has encouraged us to offer you our specialized pizza flour, which comes from the city of the best pizza in the world.

We are offering 3, 1kg packs of Caputo 00 Flour. Check out our Italian gift packages for more packages withCaputo Flour .

Antimo-caputo-00-flour-Rega-Strianese-lavalle-dop-san-marzano-tomatoes-Semolina-semola.png Semolina Pasta Flour Package SKU: #4193


Quantity: Caputo knows flour and their premium Semola (Semolina) flour is perfecto for pasta!

Here we offer 11# of flour and one of our beautiful Italian-Flag colored aprons (24" long).

The flour should keep you in noodles for a while and you'll look great in the apron!

10-oz-stainless-steel-shaker-with-handle.jpg Stainless Steel Flour Shaker SKU: #4170



A great simple tool. Get your work service well-dusted with flour with this handy little flour dredger.

I use one to sprinkle flour (for bread or pasta making), one for cornmeal or semolina on my pizza or bread peel (to allow the pizzas to slide with ease) and one for spices and/or grated cheese! Stainless steel, lightweight and holds 10 oz. 4" h x 2.5" w

You can see this tool demonstrated in our PIZZA video located on the FG instructional Videos page.

floursack-dishtowels-fgpizza.png Floursack Dish Towels - 100% cotton - just like Nana's SKU: 5096



Remember? Nana would (and maybe she still does...) dry her dishes with towels she made and embroidered from flour sacks? Well, we have removed the flour and are offering the the natural towels for you to add to your kitchen.

The set includes 3 oversized dish towels: 20-inch by 30-inch. Made of 100% cotton and hand-woven in India.

Perfect as a general all purpose working towel for the kitchen and throughout the home. Lint-free and absorbent, these floursack towels are excellent for glassware/barware/dinnerware. Floursack towels may also be used to line proofing baskets for rising bread. They are really versatile.

We are offering a natural color. Towels are machine washable.