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Sperlari-Candy-FGpizza.png Italian Candy - Sperlari Caramella Spicchisu - 12oz SKU: #1017



Our FGpizza customers know to expect a little something sweet with their shipments. Sperlari Caramella Spicchisu, the Lemon and Orange candies from Italy! Each order includes a piece or two, to thank you for your business and to let you know that we appreciate you.

We've had lots of you request to buy larger quantities, so we created a 12-ounce gift pack complete with a gift tag.

With over 160 years of experience in the confectionery market, the Sperlari brand name guarantees top quality and taste. Spicchisù, sweet and tasty, traditionally made, and contains the juices of lemon and orange bringing the true essence of the fruit to this candy assortment.

This assortment contains: Caramella alla Arancia (Orange) and Caramella al Limone (Lemon).

Made in Italy (of course...)

FREE-Shipping-caputo-flou-Pack Deluxe Starter Kit - Shipping Included SKU: #4196


Deluxe Starter Kit with more Caputo 00 and Strianese cans of DOP Tomatoes than our basic kit. A good way to get all you need for your Pizza party! Our Sample Kit may be found HERE

This extended starter kit has Italian Flour and tomatoes, yeast, olive oil and tools!

PLUS! You save money when you buy these items as a package.

  • 6.6# Antimo Caputo "00" Flour
  • 3, 14 oz cans DOP San Marzano Tomaotes
  • 1#, Instant Yeast
  • 500ml Partana Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 Non Scratch Dough Cutter
  • 1 Pizza Cutter

FREE shipping to the 48 continental states including Hawaii. Orders to Alaska will be provided a shipping quote for approval.

Antimo-Caputo-bianco-dinapoli-tomatoes-Frankie.png Frankie G's Sample Kit - FREE Shipping! SKU: #4197


Gail says, "...people wanna try before they buy..." So, we have made a couple Starter Kits for you to try a sampling of different products. The Deluxe Starter Kit may be found HERE

This extended starter kit has Italian Flour and tomatoes, yeast, olive oil, Calabrian Peppers and tools!

PLUS! You save money when you buy these items as a package.

  • 2.2# Antimo Caputo "00" Flour
  • 1, 28 oz can Organic Whole Tomatoes
  • 1, 10.2 oz Calabrian Long Peppers
  • 1# Instant Yeast
  • 500ml Partana Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 Pizza Pastry Roller
  • 1 Economical Pizza Cutter

FREE shipping to the 48 continental states. Orders to Alaska & Hawaii will be provided a shipping quote for approval.

fgpizza-containers-condiment-shakers.png Condiment Shaker Trio - Glass/Stainless SKU: #3082


Quantity: A little more oregano... a little more heat... LOTS MORE CHEESE... Perfecto!

These condiment shakers are perfect to decorate any Italian table and are a must at your pizza party.

Each of the three containers are glass (not cheap plastic ones) and each come fitted with a stainless steel top. The chili and oregano top are slotted for easy distribution.

Sold packaged in a nice little Gift Box, ready for gifting! spices are not included - you'll want fresh ones anyway).

Antimo-Caputo-00-flour-partana-olive-oil-strianese-dop-san-marzano-tomatoes-creative-Frankies.png Frankie's Pasta Package SKU: #4186


This fine collection of Italian pasta tools help you make all your pasta favorites. Tortaloni! Ravioli! Gnocchi! Agnoletti! Tortellini! Cappelletti!

Frankie's Pasta Package includes:

1 Potato Ricer
1 Gnocchi Paddle
1 Partana Olive Oil
6.6# Caputo Semolina Flour (3 kg)
5 Cans of DOP San Marzano Tomatoes -Strianese
1 Round - Ravioli / Pasta Stamp - 2.5"
1 Cappelletti Stamp - 1.5"
1 Flour Dredger
1 Zig-Zag Pasta Cutting Wheel

Treat yourself or send one to that special "Little Italian Cook" in your life. You'll love it!

Ravioli-caputo-semolina-flour-natalia.png Natalia's Ravioli Package SKU: #4185


Quantity: Make ravioli just like Mama! This package includes every tool you'll need to make home made ravioli (except Nana).

PLUS! You will SAVE MONEY when you buy these items as a package rather than purchasing them separately

1 Ravioli Rolling Pin
1 Artisan Rolling Pin - 19"
1 Stainless Steel Bamboo Skimmer
1 Ravioli / Pasta Cutter
1 Flour Dredger
2 Kilo Caputo Semolina Flour - (2.2# of flour)
1 Chef's Apron - Italian Colors

Pasta-Italiana-caputo-streanese-rega-partana-tutto-calabria-pasta-Italiana.png Pasta Italiana Package - Imported from Italy! SKU: #4190


Quantity: A little bit of this and a little bit of that... all you need for the taste of Italy in one package!

In our Pasta Italiana package, you can taste the best Italy has to offer.

Package includes:

4.4# Caputo Semolina Premium Pasta Flour (2kg)
4.4# Caputo Tipo "00" Flour (2kg)
2 Partana Olive Oil
4 Cans of DOP San Marzano Tomatoes, Strianese
1 Tutto Calabria Hot Chili Peppers in oil.
1 Italian Flag Apron Restaurant Quality

ALL imported from Italy. All of the highest quality.

Gnocchi-caputo-streanese-rega-partana-tutto-calabria-gnocchi-speciale1.png Gnocchi Making Package-Gnocchi Speciale! SKU: #4184


Makes a great gift! Gnocchi, perfect little potato dumpling pasta. Pronounced (ny-oak-eee).

This wonderful package has all the tools required to make gnocchi.

PLUS! You save money when you buy these items as a package.

1 Potato Ricer
1 Gnocchi Paddle
1 Stainless Steel Bamboo Strainer
1 Italian Colored Apron
2 Partana Olive Oil
4.4# Caputo Semolina Flour (2 kg)
3 Cans of DOP San Marzano Tomatoes

You can see Natalia and I make Gnocchi in our video, located on the Pasta Video page.

Antimo-caputo-00-flour-Rega-Strianese-lavalle-dop-san-marzano-tomatoes-Semolina-semola.png Semolina Pasta Flour Package SKU: #4193


Quantity: Caputo knows flour and their premium Semola (Semolina) flour is perfecto for pasta!

Here we offer 11# of flour and one of our beautiful Italian-Flag colored aprons (24" long).

The flour should keep you in noodles for a while and you'll look great in the apron!

Antimo-Caputo-00-flour-partana-olive-oil-strianese-dop-san-marzano-tomatoes-Palermo1-2.png Palermo Pasta Package SKU: #4191


Quantity: A spicy collection of Italian foods and apparel, just like Sicily.

Our Italian spring-loaded ravioli stamps have received rave reviews and you can see them close up HERE, or watch the video on our Pasta Video page. And our Italian apparel has you dressing the part as you create a wonderful meal!

Our Palermo Pasta Package includes:

1 ROUND spring-loaded ravioli stamp
1 SQUARE spring-loaded ravioli stamp
1 Zig-Zag Pasta Cutting Wheel
2 Partana Olive Oil
4.4# Caputo Premium Semolina Flour (2kg)
4.4# Caputo Tipo "00" Flour (2kg)
1 Tutto Calabria Hot Chili Peppers in oil
1 Italian Flag chef's hat
1 Italian Flag Apron Restaurant Quality

Antimo-caputo-00-flour-Rega-Strianese-lavalle-dop-san-marzano-tomatoes-1-Romana.png Romana Pasta Package SKU: #4192


Quantity: A wonderful collection of tools and foods. Our Italian spring-loaded ravioli stamps have received rave reviews and you can see them close up HERE, or watch the video on our Pasta Video page.

Our Romana Pasta Package includes:

1 ROUND spring-loaded ravioli stamp
1 SQUARE spring-loaded ravioli stamp
2 Partana Olive Oil
4.4# Caputo Semolina Flour (2kg)
6 Cans of DOP San Marzano Tomatoes, Strianese
1 Italian Flag Apron 24" Restaurant Quality
1 Zig-Zag Pasta Cutting Wheel

PLUS! you save money when you buy these items as a package and they all ship in one, Priority Mail, Large Flat-Rate box.

Danish-Dough-Whisk-Batter-Whisk-Large-SET.png Danish Dough Whisk - Set of Two SKU: #3002


Quantity: So why not have the best of both sizes?

One for breads and batters, one for meats, etc.

One can never have too many magic wands

Italian-chefs-hat-adujustable-italian-flag.png Chef's Hat - Italian Colors SKU: #5101


Quantity: Viva Italia!

Dress the part and show your colors... Italian colors that is!

The tri-colored Green, White, & Red head band is adjustable. The classic style makes it fun and functional.

Made of 60% polyester and 40% cotton. Machine washable on delicate, but we suggest hand wash to preserve the shape and bright colors.

Apron-Italian-Flag-Colors.png Apron - Italian Colors SKU: #5100



Cooking Italian Style! Sporting the colors of the Italian Flag.

This apron is really nice, I have one, use it and love it.

It's 32" long and "heavy weight" material. Green (on top), white (in the middle) and red (on the bottom). One top pocket for pencil or thermometer (in the green area), and 1 lower bigger pocket (in the white area). Made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester, these aprons really hold up.

To see a closer picture of the material, please click HERE

Wood-Fired-Cooking-Mary-Karlin.png Wood-Fired Cooking - Book by Mary Karlin SKU: #5104


Quantity: FGpizza stocks this book. It may be combined with other stocked items purchased to save on shipping

This contemporary collection of more than 100 recipes from chef-instructor Mary Karlin covers the range of wood-fired cooking options available to home cooks. From flame-licked Plank-Roasted Porterhouse or Grilled Naan to a hearth-baked Milanese Risotto, Leek, and Asparagus Tart or Warm Chocolate-Chipotle Cakes, Karlin's unassuming yet refined kitchen sensibility shines through in every dish. With a vast knowledge of terrific ingredients, the diverse flavor characteristics of hardwoods, and the best live-fire techniques and equipment now available, Karlin is a passionate advocate for this growing trend.

Her globally inspired Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, American, and North African recipes for cooking over live flame and embers are paired with contributions from Peter Reinhart, Bruce Aidells, Deborah Madison, and other fired-up chefs. Whether you're a seasoned barbecue expert or you just bought your first bag of lump charcoal, WOOD-FIRED COOKING will have you stoking appetites in no time.

Pizza-Seasonal-Recipes-from-Romes-Legendary-Pizzarium.png Pizza- book by Gabriele Bonci SKU: #5107



FGpizza stocks this book. It may be combined with other stocked items purchased to save on shipping

A fresh take on everyone’s favorite food, straight from the "Michelangelo of dough" (Vogue). Yeast, flour, and water—from such humble ingredients rises a food that is for many an object of devotion. Here is a cookbook that reveals the secrets of the crust straight from the source in Italy. Gabriele Bonci, known throughout his country as the King of Pizza, operates a small pizzeria in Rome, where for the past ten years he has developed his signature style: making use of stone-milled farro flours, relying on the seasons to determine his unconventional topping combinations (he comes up with more than 1,500 each year), and inventing new techniques for sandwich pizza and fried pizza. The more than eighty recipes here (adapted for the American kitchen) will have pizza geeks’ heads spinning: pizza with grilled peaches and chicory; potatoes, eggplant, and rosemary "ash"; asparagus, egg, and lemon; endive, olives, and anchovies. This is Roman-style pizza al taglio—rectangular with an airy, foccacia-like dough that can support an ample topping.

Bonci details his process for making dough, including his own sourdough starter. Whether for the expert or novice baker, this book revolutionizes the concept of pizza and introduces flavor combinations that can apply throughout the kitchen.

FREE shipping to the 48 continental states. Free shipping does not apply to orders to Alaska & Hawaii.

Pot-stirrer-fg-pizza.png Automatic Pot Stirrer SKU: #5845

$57.00 $49.80


This is just about the coolest invention. I know that my mother and grandmother wished they had one... The only way they could stop stirring the pot... was to teach me to do it!

...and after they taught me to cook... I looked around for the next victim. Well not anymore!

For those who make polenta and large pots of sauce, this is for you - AND THIS THING WORKS!!

This automatic pot stirrer will fit two-handled sauce pots from 9" to 14" or 9-16 quarts. It's powered by 4 "C" batteries, stirs continuous or intermittently and comes with two heat-resistant blades (up to 375 degrees). 2 stackable blades stir at different levels for better consistency. Ardente brand. Imported Color available: Black

Simple to use, clean and store (easily folds flat into any kitchen drawer). This great invention stirs your precious sauces, candies, or polenta and gives the chef time to relax or extra time to prepare something else.

Veggie-slice-oven-mitt.png Pizza Slice Oven Mitt OUT OF STOCK SKU: #5015



Oven mitt pizza slices are 9" from crust to tip of slice.

To see a close up picture, click HERE.

Machine washable! Great for gift giving!

flags-pizza-oven-caputo-antimo-tabletop-italian-decorations-flags.png Tabletop Italian Flags Set of 2 SKU: #5103

$10.55 $9.90

Quantity: Festa Italaiana!

Time to dress up the place Italian style with these cute little Italian flags.

Each flag is 6"x"9" and stands 12" tall. Two Italian flags are accompanied with a round, plastic, table-top stand. Very cute.

Perfect accompaniment for the Red & White Checkered Tablecloth.

Bowl-Casuella-Oven-cooking-ceramic-ware-casuella.png Pedestal Bowl - Handcrafted in Arcata CA SKU: #3069



These one-of-a-kind pedestal bowls are exclusively handcrafted for FGpizza! The perfect size for olives, candy, salt, pizza toppings - just about anything.

Each bowl is unique and made by hand in Northern California by artisan Bill Funkhouser of Terra Forno Pottery. Standing 2.5" tall, this charming bowl stands on a 2.5" wide pedestal and presents an opening of 5.25" at its widest point. Since each bowl is hand-crafted, no two are exactly alike.

Like our casuellas, the glaze is food safe. The clay is fired to a point where it is almost vitreous so the clay can absorb a small amount of water. This pottery is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe, but we suggest hand washing to preserve the quality and life of the bowl. The color of the clay will evolve over time with use, cooking and washing.

Since it is made of clay, it will break if mishandled. One should not soak them in water before use. Maximum temperature recommendation 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cotton-Apron-pasta-design.png Apron, Pasta-Shapes design - 100% cotton SKU: 5098



"Frankie... Does everything have to be RED, WHITE & GREEN?" No, it does not... but a little pasta on it couldn't hurt!!

Here we offer a beautiful, 100% cotton apron, decorated with wonderful designs of different pasta shapes, long and short. Some, we never knew existed!

This apron even fits Frankie G! It is woven on an oversized loom making it 6 Inches wider than other aprons to provide the perfect fit. Our apron measures 28 by 32 Inches, ties at the waist, and has an adjustable neck strap.

It has a large front pocket to hold cooking essentials: Corkscrew, thermometer, recipe cards, potholders, etc.

Durable and hearty. Machine washable.

Cotton-Apron-extra-virgin-olive-oil.png Apron, EVOO design - 100% cotton SKU: #5099



"Frankie... Does everything have to be RED, WHITE & GREEN?" No, it does not.

Here we offer a beautiful, 100% cotton apron, decorated with wonderful designs of extra virgin olive oil. That ought to class up any cook!

This apron even fits Frankie G! It is woven on an oversized loom making it 6 Inches wider than other aprons to provide the perfect fit. Our apron measures 28 by 32 inches, ties at the waist, and has an adjustable neck strap.

It has a large front pocket to hold cooking essentials: Corkscrew, thermometer, recipe cards, potholders, etc.

Durable and hearty. Machine washable.

floursack-dishtowels-fgpizza.png Floursack Dish Towels - 100% cotton - just like Nana's SKU: 5096



Remember? Nana would (and maybe she still does...) dry her dishes with towels she made and embroidered from flour sacks? Well, we have removed the flour and are offering the the natural towels for you to add to your kitchen.

The set includes 3 oversized dish towels: 20-inch by 30-inch. Made of 100% cotton and hand-woven in India.

Perfect as a general all purpose working towel for the kitchen and throughout the home. Lint-free and absorbent, these floursack towels are excellent for glassware/barware/dinnerware. Floursack towels may also be used to line proofing baskets for rising bread. They are really versatile.

We are offering a natural color. Towels are machine washable.

FGpizza-christmas-ornamant-buon-natale-italian-christmas-cannoli--calabria-calabrian-chili-pepper-1 Calabrian Pepper - Ornament SKU: #5029


Quantity: Spice up your Christmas tree with this Calabrian trademark.

With vivid glaze this exclusive 2 inches tall red hot chili pepper formed glass ornament will make a wonderful addition to your Christmas tree.

Richard-Miscovich-From-the-Wood-Fired-Oven.png From the Wood-Fired Oven - book by -Richard Miscovich SKU: #5110



FGpizza stocks this book. It may be combined with other stocked items purchased to save on shipping

From the Wood-Fired Oven: New and Traditional Techniques for Cooking and Baking with Fire

Frankie G's note: To me, this is the most comprehensive and "complete" book about baking, cooking, and using a woodfired oven. We are really proud to offer this to our FGpizza family...

In the past twenty years, interest in wood-fired ovens has increased dramatically in the United States and abroad, but most books focus on how to bake bread or pizza in an oven. From the Wood-Fired Oven offers many more techniques for home and artisan bakers—from baking bread and making pizza to recipes on how to get as much use as possible out of a single oven firing, from the first live-fire roasting to drying wood for the next fire.

From the Wood-Fired Oven offers a new take on traditional techniques for professional bakers, but is simple enough to inspire any nonprofessional baking enthusiast. Leading baker and instructor Richard Miscovich wants people to use their ovens to fulfill the goal of maximum heat utilization. Readers will find methods and techniques for cooking and baking in a wood-fired oven in the order of the appropriate temperature window. What comes first—pizza, or pastry? Roasted vegetables or a braised pork loin? Clarified butter or beef jerky? In addition to an extensive section of delicious formulas for many types of bread, readers will find chapters on:

  • Making pizza and other live-fire flatbreads;
  • Roasting fish and meats;
  • Grilling, steaming, braising, and frying;
  • Baking pastry and other recipes beyond breads;
  • Rendering animal fats and clarifying butter;
  • Food dehydration and infusing oils;
  • And myriad other ways to use the oven's residual heat.

Appendices include oven-design recommendations, a sample oven temperature log, Richard's baker's percentages, proper care of a sourdough starter, and more. . . .

Kiko-Denzer-Build-Your-Own-Earth-Oven.png Build Your Own Earth Oven - Kiko Denzer SKU: #5109

$15.50 $10.95


FGpizza stocks this book. It may be combined with other stocked items purchased to save on shipping

Earth ovens combine the utility of a wood-fired, retained-heat oven with the ease and timeless beauty of earthen construction. Building one will appeal to bakers, builders, and beginners of all kinds, from:

  • the serious or aspiring baker who wants the best low-cost
bread oven,
  • gardeners who want a centerpiece for a beautiful
outdoor kitchen,
  • outdoor chefs,
  • creative people interested in low-cost materials and
simple technology,
  • teachers who want a multi-faceted, experiential project for students of all ages (the book has been successful with
 everyone from third-graders to adults).

Build Your Own Earth Oven is fully illustrated with step-by-step directions, including how to tend the fire, and how to make perfect sourdough hearth loaves in the artisan tradition. The average do-it-yourselfer with a few tools and a scrap pile can build an oven for free, or close to it. Otherwise, $30 should cover all your materials--less than the price of a fancy "baking stone." Good building soil is often right in your back yard, under your feet. Build the simplest oven in a day! With a bit more time and imagination, you can make a permanent foundation and a fire-breathing dragon-oven or any other shape you can dream up.

Earth ovens are familiar to many that have seen a southwestern "horno" or a European "bee-hive" oven. The idea, pioneered by Egyptian bakers in the second millennium BCE, is simplicity itself: fill the oven with wood, light a fire, and let it burn down to ashes. The dense, 3- to 12-inch-thick earthen walls hold and store the heat of the fire, the baker sweeps the floor clean, and the hot oven walls radiate steady, intense heat for hours.

Home bakers who can't afford a fancy, steam-injected bread oven will be delighted to find that a simple earth oven can produce loaves to equal the fanciest "artisan" bakery. It also makes delicious roast meats, cakes, pies, pizzas, and other creations. Pizza cooks to perfection in three minutes or less. Vegetables, herbs, and potatoes drizzled with olive oil roast up in minutes for a simple, elegant, and delicious meal. Efficient cooks will find the residual heat useful for slow-baked dishes, and even for drying surplus produce, or incubating homemade yogurt.

Bread-Revolution.png Bread Revolution - book by Peter Reinhart SKU: #5115



FGpizza stocks this book. It may be combined with other stocked items purchased to save on shipping

Renowned baking author and instructor Peter Reinhart has always been on the forefront of the bread movement—from his seminal work, The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, to today. In Bread Revolution, he explores the cutting-edge developments in bread baking, with fifty recipes and formulas that use sprouted flours, whole and ancient grains, nut and seed flours, alternative flours (such as teff and grape skin), and allergy-friendly and gluten-free approaches.

A new generation of bakers and millers are developing innovative flours and baking techniques that are designed to extract the grain’s full flavor potential—what Reinhart calls “the baker’s mission.” In this lushly photographed primer, Reinhart draws inspiration from these groundbreaking methods to create master recipes and formulas any home baker can follow, including Sprouted Sandwich Rye Bread, Gluten-Free Many-Seed Toasting Bread, and Sprouted Wheat Croissants.

In many instances, such as with sprouted flours, preferments aren’t necessary because so much of the flavor development occurs during the sprouting phase. For grains that benefit from soakers, bigas, and sourdough starters, Reinhart provides the precise guidance that has made him such a trusted expert in the field.

Advanced bakers will relish Reinhart’s inventive techniques and exacting scientific explanations, while beginning bakers will rejoice in his demystification of ingredients and methods—and all will come away thrilled by bread’s new frontier.

Camino-This-Is-Camino-cookbook.png This Is Camino - book by Russell Moore SKU: #5116



An absolute master of woodfired cooking. We can personally vouch for the talent and flavors that Russell Moore and is team of experts. Their food is delicious, well prepared, and creatively seasonal.

As a protégé of Alice Waters and former member of Chez Panisse, Moore has taken woodfired cooking to its roots and then stepped it up to a higher level. Extremely impressive and a must for every woodfired chef.

This is a cookbook about the unique, fire-based cooking approach and ingredient-focused philosophy of Camino restaurant in Oakland, CA, with approximately 100 recipes.

After a visit to Camino, New York Times writer Mark Bittman wrote of head chef Russell Moore, "What's important but is impossible to describe is the strength and utter brilliance of his flavor combinations and the downright simplicity of it all. Moore has a palate that cannot be stopped; everything tastes as if it were created to go with everything seasoning it." Camino is no stranger to this kind of praise--the locally beloved but nationally acclaimed restaurant is known and respected in food and chef circles. Since opening in 2008, Camino has become known for its exciting menu (most of the food is cooked in their fireplace) and the tight-knit community of chefs who love the restaurant. This network is a result of the lavish book release dinner parties that Camino hosts for cookbook releases and has made fans of such food luminaries as Yotam Ottolenghi, Sean Brock, Francis Malman, David Lebovitz, and Deborah Madison. In This is Camino, fundamental cooking skills (including open-fire cooking); unique, ingredient-focused recipes that are both sophisticated and pared-down; and inventive flavor pairings marry with lush photography and a stunning package to produce the new must-have cookbook for Camino's many fans and restaurant book lovers.

Cutter.gif Pizza Cutter 4inch Blade SKU: #4000


Quantity: Don't let the price fool you. These cutters are light-weight and roll through your pie with ease.

Dishwasher safe. Detachable 100mm (3.9") blade.

Imported from Italy

The-bread-builders-daniel-wing-alan-scott-book.png The Bread Builders: Hearth Loaves and Masonry Ovens SKU: #5108



FGpizza stocks this book. It may be combined with other stocked items purchased to save on shipping

Frankie G's note: This is the book that started my love of and for woodfired ovens. I built MY OVEN directly from the pages of this book. This book explains building an oven from ground up, and baking hearth-bread from grain to loaves. It's a must for anyone considering building an oven or baking bread from scratch.

Creating the perfect loaf of bread--a challenge that has captivated bakers for centuries--is now the rage in the hippees places, from Waitsfield, Vermont, to Point Reyes Station, California. Like the new generation of beer drinkers who consciously seek out distinctive craft-brewed beers, many people find that their palates have been reawakened and re-educated by the taste of locally baked, whole-grain breads. Today's village bakers are finding an important new role--linking tradition with a sophisticated new understanding of natural levens, baking science and oven construction.

Daniel Wing, a lover of all things artisinal, had long enjoyed baking his own sourdough bread. His quest for the perfect loaf began with serious study of the history and chemistry of bread baking, and eventually led to an apprenticeship with Alan Scott, the most influential builder of masonry ovens in America.

Alan and Daniel have teamed up to write this thoughtful, entertaining, and authoritative book that shows you how to bake superb healthful bread and build your own masonry oven. The authors profile more than a dozen small-scale bakers around the U.S. whose practices embody the holistic principles of community-oriented baking based on whole grains and natural leavens.

The Bread Builders will appeal to a broad range of readers, including:

  • Connoisseurs of good bread and good food.
  • Home bakers interested in taking their bread and pizza to the next level of excellence.
  • Passionate bakers who fantasize about making a living by starting their own small bakery.
  • Do-it-yourselfers looking for the next small construction project.
  • Small-scale commercial bakers seeking inspiration, the most up-to-date knowledge about the entire bread-baking process, and a marketing edge.
red-and-white-checkered--dishtowels-napkins.png Red and White Checkered Towel or Napkins 100% Cotton SKU: #5095



100% Cotton, Red and White Checkered towels or as we like to use them... as napkins. Every Italian needs that extra-big napkin right? The little square ones just do not do our lifestyle justice.

The set includes 2 towels/napkins: 18-inch by 28-inch. Made of 100% cotton and hand-woven in India.

Perfect as a general all purpose working towel for the kitchen and throughout the home. Great accompaniment to our Red & White Checkered Tablecloth.

oilera-oil-can-stainless-steel-pizzaiolo-fgpizza-ONE-liter "1 Liter" Oilera Moderna - Olive Oil Can SKU: #4036

$65.00 $59.00


The new design on the Italian tradition is beautiful and functional. This oilera is a modern version of the traditional copper and brass version.

For those pizzaiolo that are looking for a more modern and functional design, this is it. Made of 18/10 stainless steel, this cruet is beautiful and functional.

Imported from Italy.

Southern-Italian-Desserts.png Southern Italian Desserts - Book by Rosetta Costantino SKU: #5112



FGpizza stocks this book. It may be combined with other stocked items purchased to save on shipping

Southern Italian Desserts - Rediscovering the Sweet Traditions of Calabria, Campania, Basilicata, Puglia, and Sicily

An authentic guide to the festive, mouthwatering sweets of Southern Italy, including regional specialties that are virtually unknown in this country as well as variations on more popular desserts such as cannoli, biscotti, and gelato.

In Southern Italian Desserts, author of the acclaimed My Calabria, Rosetta Costantino, collects seventy-five favorite recipes from the regions of Calabria, Campania, Basilicata, Puglia, and Sicily. These picturesque areas have a rich history of beautiful desserts, many of them tied to holidays and festivals. For example, Zeppole di San Giuseppe are doughnut-like pastries topped with cream and cherries, traditionally made in Campania for the celebration of Father’s Day. And the Sicilian chilled watermelon pudding Gelo di Mellone is a refreshing dish served in summer for the festival of Palermo’s patron saint, Rosalia. Other desserts such as persimmon gelato, chocolate-dipped figs stuffed with almonds and candied orange peel, and chocolate-hazelnut cake rolls celebrate Southern Italy’s local bounty and traditional foods. With recipes for more familiar Italian desserts such as cannoli and gelato, as well as deliciously obscure sweets such as rich cassatas, almond-flecked cookies, and flaky cream-filled sfogliatelle pastries, Southern Italian Desserts features a treat for every occasion.

In addition to explaining the regional history, symbolism, and lore behind the desserts, Costantino teaches you how to stock your dessert pantry and provides all of the foundational recipes you need to embark on a sweet tour of the Italian south from your kitchen. This delightful confection of a cookbook will expand your dessert repertoire and leave you dreaming of Italy. Buon appetito!

The-Tuscan-Sun-Cookbook.png The Tuscan Sun book - Frances & Edward Mayes SKU: #5114



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The Tuscan Sun Cookbook: Recipes from Our Italian Kitchen

“Tuscan food tastes like itself. Ingredients are left to shine. . . . So, if on your visit, I hand you an apron, your work will be easy. We’ll start with primo ingredients, a little flurry of activity, perhaps a glass of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, and soon we’ll be carrying platters out the door. We’ll have as much fun setting the table as we have in the kitchen. Four double doors along the front of the house open to the outside—so handy for serving at a long table under the stars (or for cooling a scorched pan on the stone wall). Italian Philosophy 101: la casa aperta, the open house.” —from the Introduction

In all of Frances Mayes’s bestselling memoirs about Tuscany, food plays a starring role. This cuisine transports, comforts, entices, and speaks to the friendly, genuine, and improvisational spirit of Tuscan life. Both cooking and eating in Tuscany are natural pleasures. In her first-ever cookbook, Frances and her husband, Ed, share recipes that they have enjoyed over the years as honorary Tuscans: dishes prepared in a simple, traditional kitchen using robust, honest ingredients.

A toast to the experiences they’ve had over two decades at Bramasole, their home in Cortona, Italy, this cookbook evokes days spent roaming the countryside for chestnuts, green almonds, blackberries, and porcini; dinner parties stretching into the wee hours, and garden baskets tumbling over with bright red tomatoes.

Lose yourself in the transporting photography of the food, the people, and the place, as Frances’s lyrical introductions and headnotes put you by her side in the kitchen and raising a glass at the table. From Antipasti (starters) to Dolci (desserts), this cookbook is organized like a traditional Italian dinner.

The more than 150 tempting recipes include:

  • Fried Zucchini Flowers
  • Red Peppers Melted with Balsamic Vinegar
  • Potato Ravioli with Zucchini, Speck, and Pecorino
  • Risotto Primavera
  • Pizza with Caramelized Onions and Sausage
  • Cannellini Bean Soup with Pancetta
  • Little Veal Meatballs with Artichokes and Cherry Tomatoes
  • Chicken Under a Brick
  • Short Ribs, Tuscan-Style
  • Domenica’s Rosemary Potatoes
  • Folded Fruit Tart with Mascarpone
  • Strawberry Semifreddo
  • Steamed Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Sauce

Frances and Ed also share their tips on stocking your pantry, pairing wines with dishes, and choosing the best olive oil. Learn their time-tested methods for hand rolling pasta and techniques for coaxing the best out of seasonal ingredients with little effort.

Throw on another handful of pasta, pull up a chair, and languish in the rustic Italian way of life.